“I knew this was a.m., not software!”

My son sent me a spreadsheet document on Word software. Amazingly, it had the effect of exploding my own Word software so that none of my Word documents were available, i.e., all of the research I had ever done was unavailable to me. I knew this was a.m.

I had no end of trouble trying to solve this. I’m sure no less than ten times I tried to find someone knowledgeable to help me, but the problem flummoxed each of them.

And yes, I had back-up files of all my work, but the problem with Word also affected the back-up files. So I couldn’t get away from the problem to clean things up.

One of the most troubling parts about this was that along the way, a church member who used to work at Apple said we could solve the problem by just uninstalling Word. It was a 2004 version! At that time, a very helpful woman at Apple told me to be very careful in uninstalling, because often this process causes you to lose lots of your documents saved on Word.

But whatever the problem caused by the “explosion,” the end result was that it wouldn’t allow us to uninstall Word. At Easter, when my son tried for a few minutes to help me, he told me my uninstall wouldn’t work.

THIS MEANT THAT ALL MY CHURCH WORK WAS UNAVAILABLE TO ME—LOCKED UP AND COULDN’T BE OPENED.  I knew this was blatantly a.m. only—not software. So I addressed it in prayer.

Today, I notice my Word software is working. Working! No fixing, no uninstalling, no reinstalling. Just now working!