"Feeling God's presence is what I want to do more and more."

The husband of a Christian Scientist was diagnosed with cancer.  After decades of passively watching his wife go to church, study the lesson, and do all the things associated with being a Christian Scientist, he asked if it was too late for him to turn to Christian Science for healing.  He had been given a diagnosis and told he should start medical treatment immediately.  He opted to have Christian Science treatment, and told the doctor he would check in rather than start medical treatment.  Each time he went to get checked out, there was amazement that evidence of the diagnosed condition was less evident. He was reading Science and Health, by Mrs. Eddy, every day.  He opted out of several months of medical checks as we worked together and as he was reading Science and Health, raising questions and observations.  The next time he chose to see the doctor, those who shared with him the results of tests proclaimed that he was healthy, and whatever he was doing he should keep it up.  This man, not yet a church member, spoke to a church member last week about doing some clean-up of the lawn and gardens in front of the church. “We need to fix this up so people will know how wonderful Christian Science is, that it is here, and they can learn about how it heals.”  He and his wife are meeting with a few others at their branch church this weekend to do some clean-up and planting.

A child’s mother was told braces or extraction were the only options for teeth growing sideways under the gums.  The mother asked for help for the child although the child was at first doubtful that something would happen after seeing x-rays of her teeth.  Work was done regularly, and truths shared with the mother and the child.  At the most recent dental appointment, x-rays showed the teeth were moving into their normal position. Mother and child rejoiced all the way home. 

A cat that had not eaten for a full day and appeared lifeless on the floor, revived when treatment started and was walking and eating and responding normally on the second day.  This was particularly wonderful because the caller did not tell me the situation until the next day when healing was acknowledged.  When he called he only asked for help, sounding very distressed and saying he could not pray.  He needed help.  There was no description of the picture, nothing more than a call for prayer.  I had been working not to get drawn into pictures of discord and disease, and did not ask what the problem was — just prayed.  Feeling God’s presence is what I want to do more and more, and this was an opportunity to do just that for this case where no description of mortal evidence was given but where it was clear there was a need and a desire for help in Christian Science.  The caller reported the next day what had happened and the cat was purring and had just finished a can of cat food.