Healing on Association day

Before landing in Boston the day before Association, I had been struggling with a very keen ache in one shoulder and my neck.  Particularly, waking up—raising my body to get out of bed—had been very difficult.

Of course, I had been working, praying.  During this problem I usually got up from 2 a.m. on, with first things first, studying out from the Daily Prayer “Thy kingdom come,” as I learned in class.   Then I would read part of the Bible Lesson.  This painful condition was not real, I know, but it hadn’t improved at all over a number of months.  That unreal body ache came with me to Association.

I felt an excellent atmosphere at the meeting. The address brought to mind a protection I experienced in a car accident when I came to the U.S. in 1968.  I had just been introduced to Christian Science and began attending church.  I didn’t know anything about church, not even the Lord’s Prayer.  I tried to learn the words even though I didn’t understand much of the meaning.  But one sentence “Thy will be done,” somehow gave me a new feeling…some sense of a world more than what I’d seen or known.

Actually, that was all I knew of the truth then…just the tip of truth, when I had the accident.  Driving on the freeway, I lost control of my truck.  It went off the road and up a bank and then turned over.  The windshield and cabin were smashed, the truck was totaled, but I came out without an injury.  And I was so calm, even when I lost control and the car went over the curb, I was calm and had no fear.

Yesterday’s address gave me another glimpse of the same truth—the Allness of Truth.  I learned even a tip of the truth relates to the whole.  It’s not out of reach somewhere beyond where we are.  Already God is here, already done.  So powerful.  At the meeting also I overcame a hesitation to identify myself as a Christian Scientist.  I felt much more freedom overall. 

After Association, that night I went to bed early and got up at 2 a.m. as usual and realized my shoulder was free of pain—after so many months of this challenging issue.  My whole consciousness was filled with God’s love and the kingdom is here…I felt so peaceful.