Healings from practice

Here are a few of the healings that have come in practice in the last few months. 

A distraught call, very uncharacteristic for this man, came.  It was nearly unintelligible and I had to stop trying to make sense of it and just turn to one Mind and the truth that Ego is Mind and there isn’t any other consciousness.  After some time, the caller said “but then the feelings started to just evaporate.”  The caller said he had planned to call for help, but now it seemed that the situation was settling down and he didn’t need help after all.

A long-time Christian Scientist with lots of experience in church and prayer, had intense abdominal pains and intense anger about church.  The calls came at night for about three nights.  The desire was so strong for a whole new way of seeing Christian Science and church that it was a joy to pray (though very demanding).  It was a very special thing to see the complete healing of body and returned love of church and a new fresh joy, in about a week.

A man emailed on Easter morning for help.  He said the next day, that he had felt symptoms that ordinarily would have sent him to the emergency room but that he had decided to call a practitioner instead.  And that he’d had a lovely Easter day with his family and was healed. 

A call came toward the end of the day from someone rather violently ill at work and wanting to make it home.  There were a couple of nights of prayer in what seemed a desperate situation that resulted in a healing in about three days.

Another call at night with what seemed a difficult experience of flu and at the same time involved a crucial period for his business that needed his attention.  He also needed to leave his home for a couple of days as it was being remodeled.  There was a harmonious place to move to, a healing of the flu and a settling of the business.

A man who had Christian Science growing up but had lived and worked in remote places without churches for many years, wanted very much to know God better and know more about prayer, as he was deeply depressed.  It was a joy to see him honestly seeking and finding light and a way to go forward. 

A mother called regarding her first-grader who broke his nose in a fall.  A few days later the afterschool program he attended wanted to have it x-rayed, so she did and the report was that it was straight, set, and just fine – he could do all activities.

A mother called regarding her child having an earache that had come up when the child was with his father (the parents are divorced).  The earache was healed that day and some healing was felt in regard to the sense of a broken home.