“I looked in the direction of the problem and spoke out loud the truth.”

I was on an overnight flight in the First Class section in row 3.  Halfway into the flight, the attendant asked for help from any doctors or nurses on the flight.  There was an emergency in the First Class cabin.  A passenger in row 1 had fallen to the floor from their seat.  The cabin lights went on.  Many passengers were sleeping but I was wide awake.  I had been studying pages 390 - 391 in Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy.  I was working with all the verbs, such as dispute, dismiss, agree to disagree, rise, blot out, banish, etc.  When the announcement was made I just looked in the direction of the problem and spoke out loud the truth that I had been reading about one Mind and the power of divine Mind to control and govern all action.  Because of the noise of the plane, I wasn’t bothering anyone, but I just could not stop facing the people and speaking the truth.  We are instructed to blot out the images and beliefs of mortal mind, then we are “delivered to the judgment of Truth, Christ, the judge will say, ‘Thou art whole.’” 

I saw that the judgment of Christ was speaking to everyone involved in words they could understand.  The Christ was present right there inside and outside the airplane, and the judgment of Christ was saying that we were all whole, perfect and complete, that each was the image and likeness of divine Mind.  Then I realized that Mind is Love and I saw that the ministering love of God, the touch of the Christ, was meeting every need.   The flight attendants, doctors, and nurses were reflecting this spiritual Love.  They had pure motives of wanting to help.  I felt a sense of love everywhere, a warm, gentle, all encompassing Love.  The atmosphere in the cabin began to change.  The people helping started to smile a little.  Equipment that the attendants had brought out was put away.   The passenger took a seat.  People went back to their seats and the lights were turned out again.  All was quiet.  This all took about 20 minutes.

I continued to pray.  The sentence, “Undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses, Science, still enthroned…” (SH 306:25) came to me. The “enthroned” part stood out.  I saw that Science is “enthroned” no matter what, no matter what the situation appears to be.  It meant that Science is the king, the authority, and the only law governing man and the universe.  It is not a passive principle.  It is actively in control of every moment on the airplane, in our lives, and in the world.  Later at home, I read the rest of the sentence.  It goes, “Science, still enthroned, is unfolding to mortals the immutable, harmonious, divine Principle, — is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and eternal.”  And that is what was going on in the plane.  Science was actively and individually unfolding the truth of harmonious being to each one of us, and we all saw and felt that harmony.

This gave me a whole new idea about what Science is.  As I read Science and Health now, I see the action words connected with Science.  Two I found are “Science annihilates…” and “Science demonstrates…”   I am beginning to understand why Mrs. Eddy speaks in such emphatic terms of the power of Science to heal and save humanity. Science is the power of the Christ transforming thought.  This is what happened on that plane.  Fear changed to calm and well-being.  All I did was “know the Truth,” as Jesus told us to do.  I declared the Science, the law of God, of Christ, Truth, did the work.  And, I see that the entire environment of my thought conformed to the Truth.  I included everyone in my prayer, and everyone participated in the harmonious experience.  They couldn’t help but be part of it.  I see how Jesus’ healing work naturally included multitudes.  His thought included the multitude.  My thought included the whole plane.

Mrs. Eddy says in the Church Manual, “In Science, divine Love alone governs man;” (Man., p. 40)  That is what we all witnessed on the plane whether anyone knew about Science or not.  What an all-encompassing effect we can have when we face a situation with Truth.  We don’t have to wait for people to know about Science or agree with it.  It is the law of Christ, Truth, actively governing everything, everywhere, and it is supreme right now.  I drive down a road now, or enter a room, and say to myself, “Science is present right here, governing everything and everyone in perfect harmony, and we all know this Truth.  It is the Christ speaking to each one of us right now.”

When we landed, two paramedics came on board. The passenger, a young lady, said, “I’m fine” and quietly walked out with them.  There was no commotion, concern, or talk about the incident by anyone.  It was virtually a non-issue by that time.  Everyone was calm and smiling and ready to go on with their day.

One practitioner friend who heard about this experience said, “I’m thinking that the day will come when the announcement is, “Is there a Christian Science practitioner on board?” :) :)