“I realize now that I have been experiencing grace.”

I used to have a terror of flying which was largely overcome when I took Class years ago.  However, since then, every now and then - particularly with long flights - I have been very afraid of being in the air.  Sometimes I’ve had to ring a practitioner when in the airport to have thought lifted up.  Even so, there have been times when I have mentally “held my breath” through much of the flight to keep thought stable.

This time the fear grew as the day to leave for Association arrived.  Even as I was on the way to the airport I considered turning back but my strong desire to be at Association - the absolute necessity of it - kept me going.

I have also recently had more experiences of communing with God - something that is relatively new to me (though a lifelong Christian Scientist). 

On the train I knew I had to do this, to reach out to God as I couldn’t deal with it from the standpoint of a little human mind.  I turned to God completely and two things happened.  First the ideas that had been in a recent Sentinel editorial (3/9/15) ‘The true source of our thoughts’ immediately came, particularly the message that thoughts of fear are animal magnetism, hypnotism messing me about.  As I don’t like being made a fool of, this instantly made me sit up. 

Then the sense was of Love.  I knew that God is infinite Love so it is actually, tangibly true that in the air I am in Love only.  There are no imaginary shafts of terror that can attack me and I could love all that were in the plane, particularly the air stewards who need love doing that job.

Those healing ideas immediately calmed me and brought me to myself.  The flight was calm, smooth and happy.  It was a turning point for me.  The return flight was also calm and happy. 

So, I realize now that I have been experiencing grace…without exactly knowing that that was what it was.