“Make it relevant by sharing healings”

I would like to share a result of reading the compilation of healings in our Association assignment.

For the last two years as ACOP at our branch church, I have been asked to speak about Christian Science to a class on contemporary religions at our local high school. I must mention at the outset that while I am usually comfortable speaking in public (it has been part of my job), I have not been at all comfortable speaking about Christian Science publicly.

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“Sharing Christian Science is the best gift that I can give”

The best way I can describe how reading these testimonies has affected my conception of Christian Science healing is to think of a box being removed to reveal an unlimited view all around. I have always believed that anything is possible to God and that there is a solution to every human “problem” through Christian Science prayer. But reading these testimonies has made me realize that I have sometimes fallen into a subtle acceptance of false claims about myself and others, thinking, “Oh, that’s how it is now with that person,” or “That’s a “big” claim to overcome,” or even “That problem is not that bad.”
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"We found the song and turned it up to full volume for the journey home"

I just wanted to share a wonderful experience I had on Sunday just after the concert at the Mother Church. There was one piece of music that struck a chord with me, hauntingly beautiful and moving beyond words. The song was “Peace like a river” and it certainly carried a sense of peace and healing and pure Soul within it. I was leaving Church with the CD kindly provided for those who attended and was heading to a spot where I knew I could grab a taxi with ease. I have gone there on many occasions and jumped in to find a driver who I recognized from previous trips.
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