“I just left it to all-powerful Soul.”

A few weeks before Association, a muscle problem developed in my thigh that made it painful just to walk.  It surprised me, as it just came out of the blue.  It developed on a Sunday morning, and being Sunday School superintendent, I had time to pray about it at Sunday School, after I’d prayed to support the students/teachers and classes.

I turned to the question in Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy: “Does brain think, and do nerves feel, and is there intelligence in matter?”  This question has always flummoxed me because, materially speaking, humanly speaking, yes…they do.  I have never really understood how that little girl with the sore finger in Science and Health could say with such certainty, “there is no sensation in matter.”  What came from that study of the question in Recapitulation was a much clearer sense that divine Mind is the only communicator, so matter cannot communicate.  I saw that more clearly than ever before, and the healing followed within a day.

This past Sunday, I awoke at 2 a.m. with a migraine.  I’ve had many healings of migraines (and alas, many times not found relief).  Thankfully, I have not had one in months and months.  I prayed about it and went back to sleep.  When I awoke, it was still there and I wondered whether I should get a sub for Sunday School.  But then I remembered, you are a class taught Christian Scientist.  You know that this is not true.  How about you study the lesson (Soul and Body) before you do anything else?

I did, and was struck by MBE’s statement that we can, “…speak to disease as one having authority over it, leaving Soul to master the false evidences…” (S&H, p. 395)  That’s what I did, and then I completely left it in Soul’s hands.  I finished studying the lesson, unconcerned, and by the time I finished, it was largely gone, and by the time I got to Sunday School, it was completely gone.  I loved this healing because there was not a lot of argument involved.  I just left it to all-powerful Soul.