“My thought…snaps to attention and stands on the rock.”

“…the Science of Mind-healing is best understood in practical demonstration. The proof of what you apprehend, in the simplest definite and absolute form of healing, can alone answer this question of how much you understand of Christian Science Mind-healing. Not that all healing is Science, by any means; but that the simplest case, healed in Science, is as demonstrably scientific, in a small degree, as the most difficult case so treated.”  (Rud. 6:22)

I’d been searching my memory of the past year to remember a healing to share.  I could not think of one that was significant that I had taken care of on my own.  Then the above passage finally sunk in and I realized that the simplest case could demonstrate Science.  I remembered that on a recent Sunday when I was in church, and we had just finished singing the second hymn and were sitting down I was struck.  It felt like someone came up from behind with a sharp wire and yanked my throat and head back and was choking me.  I suddenly could not breathe and my head began to feel like it was about to explode with pain.

When I think about how I live my life, I feel that I usually think scientifically.  That is, my thought when confronted with error does not panic but snaps to attention and stands on the rock.  And that was the case here.  I immediately quelled the fear knowing I was not material and could not suffer as a mortal.  I recognized that there was an attack of severe hatred and remembered that it could not reach me, that I was safe for I am spiritual.  Within moments the stranglehold was freed and the explosion of pain in my head was quelled and dismissed. 

I then wondered if I needed to tell my wife and ask for her help or if I should leave and find a quiet place to pray, but instead I felt the power of Truth assuring me of my permanence and quieting all fear or need for any help other than my direct relation to God as His/Her spiritual idea.  I stayed for the solo and Lesson-Sermon and have been normal since.