“…holding tight to the inspiration gained.”

A woman called saying she was in extreme pain, possibly related to her kidneys.  She had a sleepless night, and said she couldn’t sit comfortably enough to pray or study.  She also described a great deal of fear.

In prayer and treatment over the next 24 hours or so, it was renewedly borne in upon me that the foundational need in healing is to know God better.  So I was reaching out to the Father for a fuller realization of His nature and presence.  

Also echoing in thought at the time was Mrs. Eddy’s statement to a student “Get your heart right with God… that is what heals.  Get right yourself …”   To the point of getting right myself, I felt I needed to trust my future more fully to Him, though I also felt intuitively that something more than trust was called for.  What came to me in prayer was a distinct, fresh, focused sense of what my motive is for practice, in all its facets.  It was kind of like a door in thought opened, and what came through was a sense of the sheer realness of God and that I would always be carried forward by the holy relationship He has established with me.  This quickened sense of God’s realness in turn imbued work for patients, including of course for this woman.

The next day I got an email from her saying she’d had a restful, normal night.  Additionally, her strength and energy were back, the lack of which had been a concern to her.  She had spent the day caring for and actively engaged with two grandchildren, both boys, and was just filled with gratitude.  “What a wonderful healing,” she wrote.  “I cannot express how grateful I am for this demonstration.  Thank you and praise to God for all the good.”

I of course am praising God as well—and holding tight to the inspiration gained.

There have been a number of new-birth-forwarding healings this past year.  One was a quick healing of a CS nurse of a debilitating internal difficulty.  Several individuals who grew up in CS homes have called, had progress and/or healing, and are now studying again.  There have been several pet healings, including a cat of veterinarian-diagnosed kidney failure.  A woman was healed of a restrictive throat condition for which she had sought medical attention in years past; the healing was quick and her husband, a non-Scientist, subsequently asked her for treatment for a challenge he was having and was healed.