Two lines from “Science and Health” bring healing

This morning I had a small healing. I woke up and a belief seemed to be imposing itself upon me with certain symptoms of a cold.  As soon as it began, I started to cling to Truth and ideas I had heard at the Wednesday evening testimony meeting.  A testifier had told of a similar experience and how she was grateful for the Bible Lesson on the subject of Matter.  As I read some of the sections in the Bible Lesson this morning, I was also very grateful. I found the statements very healing. In fact a line from the textbook occurred to me, “Man is never sick, for Mind is not sick and matter cannot be.” (S&H 393:29-30)  I prayed with this line and worked with the fact that since God is not sick certainly I cannot be sick as His image and likeness. I also worked with the idea that I am not in matter, and God did not make a material man.  I found that when I “realize(d) the presence of health and the fact of harmonious being” that the body did correspond with the “normal conditions of health and harmony.” (S&H 412:24)