“…the moment called for instant understanding, not argument.”

As to the assignment, I have been of help to a friend.  One day she called me with intense chest pains and knew she should call 911.  She got a clear message to “call _____.” (She’s not interested in becoming a Christian Scientist, although is spiritually minded and has now read Science and Health, by Mrs. Eddy and thinks it’s true.)  Anyway, it was one of those occasions where the moment called for instant understanding, not argument, and it was there.  I saw her joyful, innocent, spiritual nature and told her with utter confidence, “There is nothing wrong with your heart.  It is such a good heart.  God made it.”  We talked a little about the illusory nature of the pain, but it was all really simple.  Within a minute or two the pain ceased and didn’t return.  It’s probably been about a year since. 

She also asked for my support for an abdominal pain that had continued for about a half year.  She was afraid of cancer and was avoiding going to the doctor.  That was healed several years ago.  She still refers to both healings as miraculous and speaks freely about them to anyone who will listen!