“I have been healed of timidity and conceit, pride and humiliation, imitation, isolation and competition.”

Having read and been moved by the testimonies in the 1943 Journal, I can honestly say that they are a great help to me.  The variety of testifiers, of people I could relate to readily, has increased my sense of a common humanity.  A sense of exiting the tomb of conformity, appreciating more one’s own individuality as expressing the “divine law and order of being” has grown and settles upon me.  (Mis., p. 104) Their situations have made me feel more included in the family of Christian Scientists. 

I don’t know if it’s steady spiritual growth in abiding in heavenly Love, or the outcome of reading the testimonies, but there’s more Christly affection in evidence, freedom from blame and fault finding, more wisdom in the face of contradiction and opposition, an absence of suspicion, more community in life.  Turning to God, Spirit, clinging tenaciously to the Lord’s Prayer, leaning persistently on Truth’s mercy and peace have shut down an age-old morning demon of reproach. 

I feel much gratitude for this assignment and articles found along the way – one on relationships in particular.  I’ve long loved the analogy of conductor and musicians to God and His ideas; each of us as a musician with an instrument for making music, each having his own score; a violin not in a position to tell a horn what the score is, or how to play it.  Yet, the Conductor’s guidance of each to bring out the best performance and the Conductor’s concept, His selection of the music, and those who will play it, where, and when, all-harmoniously; the joy of following His leading and rejoicing in the beauty and triumph of perfect work under His direction, whether a symphony, a solo, a combo or duet.  He picks the pieces and the part we play – today, tomorrow, forever. 

No longer defensive, but wise, I can appreciate more, the other players, realize more that I do love so-and-so, I do love this one, I do love that one.  I am fit to be here, to play, to accept all and reject untoward influences.

I have been healed of timidity and conceit, pride and humiliation, imitation, isolation and competition.  For all that God does with us, shows us, blesses us with, I am so grateful.