“In testimony after testimony, I saw how people’s state of consciousness turned from fear to freedom…”

What can we today learn from these Christian Scientists and their experiences?

Through this abundant and inspiring collection of testimonies, the primary lesson to me is the proof that nothing is impossible to God – that there is absolutely no human condition in which the power of Truth cannot be understood and demonstrated. 

Walking through a battlefield shielded from machine-gun fire, car accidents, incurable diseases, infectious diseases, depression, financial lack, unemployment, sorrow after a loved one’s passing, overcoming undesirable traits of character – whatever form mortal mind’s bondage takes, it cannot deceive man into believing he is material, helpless, or separated from God’s love and salvation. 

Christian Science brings freedom to any limited sense of human life or strife, any belief that matter is real and Spirit is unreal. One testifier wrote an insightful summary: “The textbook has taught me how to overcome and to eliminate fear, and to replace it with poise and calm trust in the Supreme Being. It has also taught me that human strife is unreal, having no place in God’s universe, and to realize that such noise and disturbance cannot drown the voice of God, or interfere with unchanging harmony and love.”

From these proofs of God’s omnipotence and omnipresence, we learn that radical reliance on Christian Science brings deliverance to any one who rightly appeals to divine Principle. We must claim for ourselves our unity with Soul and its power in our lives. In case after case, gratitude proved to be an integral part of healing.

Is the same kind of profoundly impressive healing to be found today? Why can it be expected?

In so many cases, people turned to the absolute Truth in the “scientific statement of being” in Science and Health, by Mrs. Eddy. The universality and infinitude of this fact – “man is not material; he is spiritual” – means that anyone who turns to God in consecrated desire for healing and transformation will have it, and have it abundantly. It can be expected because it is immortal Truth present in the infinite here and now. In every age of mankind, people have sought and will continue to seek a better understanding of man’s spiritual nature – his natural inheritance as a child of God. To overcome a limited, difficult sense of human life, people will turn to the greater power of divinity. To believe that Christian Science is in decline or unattractive is to deny the healing power present in this collection of testimonies, to deny that the Truth is supreme. 

Describe the sense you have of the state of consciousness evident in these testifiers, after reading the 1943 testimonies. 

In testimony after testimony, I saw how people’s state of conciseness turned from fear to freedom, sorrow to joy, despair to rejuvenation. As one testifier wrote, “it doesn’t take time for light to replace darkness.” Consciousness was transformed, humbled, and enlightened as people were willing to put their hand in the Father’s and trust unconditionally in His care. 

The unburdening of matter in their lives gave them new vistas from which to progress in their understanding of God and His relationship with man. So many of the testifiers described incredible, seemingly impossible healings, and then said that what they were MOST grateful for was a better understanding of the nature of God, a God at hand, surrounding them in infinite Life and Love.