“MY joy needs to be shared!”

“Joys that can only be shared” (CSS June 19, ’43, p. 1094) sums up the overall feeling I got from reading these testimonies. The healings large and small, instantaneous and of longer duration were expressed with a confidence, an assurance and an expectation and appreciation of the surety of good appearing that radiated from the pages. There was no doubting the allness of God.

These transformed lives had no sense of burden but rather of service to the Cause of Christian Science. Over and over there was the love of Love expressed. There was an acknowledgement of Mary Baker Eddy’s place and purpose coupled with a loving respect that felt fresh and sincere.  She was being truly valued, therefore Christian Science was being valued.  I felt humbled and hopeful. This is Christian Science being lived.  It is joyful and purposeful healing.

Here is the entire quote from the June 19, ’43 Sentinel: “Activity in a branch church and class instruction are joys that can only be shared, not merely described, as also is the joy of the daily unfolding of God’s law, revealed to us by Mary Baker Eddy, in our textbook, and in our periodicals, including our daily newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor.

I do feel a deep gratitude for those that shared their healings with the hope that it would help others in their journey.  It certainly has helped me to be more aware when burden is trying to replace joy in Church work.  It has awakened me to the subtle criticism or discouragement that I hear about TMC and the Christian Science movement expressed by Church members, and my responsibility to prayerfully respond (sometimes audible sometimes not).  Realizing that my own disappointment with “my” branch church needs to be corrected and the good that is present be magnified.  My “joy needs to be shared!”