“The same Truth and omnipresent God and yearning for guidance, answers, and healing are here and within each of us.”

I am grateful for this opportunity to read the 1943 Sentinel testimonies and I believe there is a lot we can learn from these Christian Scientists and their experiences. This same kind of healing can be found today and is expected. The same Truth and omnipresent God and yearning for guidance, answers, and healing are here and within each of us. The sense of the state of consciousness evident in the testifiers seemed to be faith and trust, and an understanding and feeling of God's presence and omnipotence. 

One testifier shared, "One morning I awoke unable to get out of bed or to lift my head. I called a member of the family, who helped me to a sitting position by propping me up in bed so that I could read the Lesson-Sermon in the Christian Science Quarterly. While reading I became so aware of the omnipresence of God that I was healed instantly, and was able to dress and go to work” (Jan. 9 ‘43, Carter). This was helpful in reading that this simplicity of feeling God’s presence can bring significant, instantaneous healing. 

Another testifier shared, “At another time the same practitioner, upon being asked to help me for a sore throat and severe cold, told me to sing. I said, 'I can scarcely whisper.' 'Then whisper,' came back the ringing challenge. ‘Sit at your piano and whisper songs of gratitude.' The healing was practically instantaneous” (Jan. 9, ’43 Hays). This was helpful for me in the healing of experiences of pain. I decided to also read and sing hymns and trust in the comfort and peace felt, and the pain ceased and has not returned.

Another testimony referenced, “I had proof of that while living for eighteen months during the war in different districts of London, and being without any fear during heavy air raids. When the sirens woke me at night, I did some mental work for protection and fell asleep peacefully, sometimes not even hearing the 'all clear' signal. My protection was the knowledge of God's nearness and the promise of the ninety-first Psalm” (Jan. 16 ’43 von Stieda). This testimony has been very helpful in trusting more that we can turn to the knowledge of God’s presence and the ideas and comfort of the ninety-first Psalm. This testimony, along with others, has been helpful in understanding more of the power and healing of the ninety-first Psalm. I have begun to read this psalm, along with the twenty-third Psalm, each day and am grateful for the healing, comfort, and clarity of thought it brings. I have also shared the healing of these psalms with a family member, who has begun to turn to them for support of herself and others in various situations. 

I am grateful for this opportunity to read these testimonies of healings, and to understand more of this trust and faith in God and His ever-presence and of their healing and comforting effects