“…an eagerness to get closer to Our Divine Source”

I think it is strong FAITH one feels in these testimonies from 1943, and an eagerness to be closer to the divine source …Our Divine Source…and it makes me want to put an eagerness to get closer to Our Divine Source FIRST!

What is so inspirational to me is this: Right in the midst of some of the worst atrocities touching so many human lives, individuals were able to see their true depiction as God’s beloved idea, not imprisoned in a mortal prison (the worst manifestation the Nazi internment camps); yet folks praying for, hoping better for, saying “No, just as the evil acts, atrocities being acted out were, ARE NOT RIGHT…for anyone…the seeker of the truth, who had human opportunity, those represented in these testimonies of healing, SAW their irrevocable relationship to their Creator as being the present fact, a healing presence, a gentle presence washing them clean, lifting them up out of the seeming “realness” of the error to a realization that the light of Truth, Life and Love had never truly been extinguished for them.  The latter came out in the second testimony given by Mrs. Mabel Spitta in her corroboration of her husband’s testimony! (CSS, January 2, 1943) 

So far each testifier, through his/her unique path, came to re-see themselves as they always were: an original reflection of the I Am, offspring of the ONE Creator, God, the Great and Knowable, I AM.