“I counted ninety-five different claims which were healed…”

I fully enjoyed the assignment this year.  In 1943 I had turned seventeen and before the year was out I had joined the Navy and was on my way to the South Pacific.  My mother became a student of Christian Science when I was five.  I never missed a Sunday School session  -  It was not an option in our home. 

I had a set of tiny leather books and my mother sent me matching quarterlies.  I still have the books and one of the quarterlies.   

I’d like to say I was a model student while in the Navy, but that was not the case.  I did have healings and studied when there was a need.   When I came home, I joined the “Org” at the university and our branch church and The Mother Church.  I taught in the Sunday School and became a serious student of Christian Science.

Later I served as a Christian Science Armed Forces Representative while in Morocco during the Korean War.

So reading these testimonies touched me deeply.  I counted ninety-five different claims which were healed and there were many accounts of protection in combat and bombings in Britain.  

It did seem as if there were certainly profound healings then.   We had just come out of a severe depression and were then engaged in a total World War with most families having loved ones in the service.  My brother, three years older than me, was in the Army in Europe.  And my father had been in the trenches and was seriously wounded in the First World War.