“…prayer and understanding were ALL.”

I have really enjoyed the assignment of all the testimonies - I have been so struck by how impelled the testifiers were to share the Truth and how excited they felt, and awestruck in one way but naturally expectant in another that prayer and understanding were ALL.  They really did recognize the presence of God and daily claimed the power and effectiveness of knowing their unbreakable relationship to good, Truth, Love and knew the overwhelming benefits this would and did bring to every aspect of their lives.

There were so many healings of every description - physical, mental, work related, relationships and protection  - reinforcing that God’s Love knows no bounds or limitations.  The other idea I keep seeing is that time had nothing to do with any of the demonstrations - whether they felt it was a short time, instantaneous or a few years.  When the sin was seen and conquered as it is always is – then the healing was claimed and then shared.  The excitement of sharing it and so wanting to help fellow Christians Scientists and mankind was very palpable.