“persistent in pursuing Christian Science, step by step"

In Janette Weller’s account in We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Vol. II, particularly pp. 40-43, I came to realize how much she was with determination to see the author of Science and Health.  Denied to come in, she persisted and was patient and at last she was able to see Mary Baker Eddy. 

In this I learn how much I have been able to be persistent in pursuing Christian Science, step by step, reading, attending services regularly, and turning to God for all.  This has enabled me to completely drop the feeling of “owning” a disease or naming a disease.  Not only that, but serving with generosity and not limiting in my thought, those who want to pursue or learn more about Christian Science.  As an usher, Reading Room attendant, and at all times to friends and people I meet, I strive to do this. 

Later in this same account, I found encouragement on a daily basis in these words from Mary Baker Eddy written to Ms. Weller: “…take courage.  Press on; the rest in labor is sweet and the journey is long.” (p. 57)

In this I realize my outstanding troubles and challenges are being solved one after another.  For example:

  • My work permit was replaced.    
  • I have an immigration lawyer for representation and have an appointment with her soon.
  • I am at the moment constructing for my children a house where to stay and it’s a permanent structure at window-level, knowing the superabundant Father-Mother God will and is providing for its completion. 

So, serving God means pressing on!