“Each step takes you higher and you do finally reach the summit”

In reading We Knew Mary Baker Eddy vol. II, these ideas have been emblazoned on thought: Do not try to make matter better, but remove those you treat from matter. Better matter is not healing, whether treating an eating disorder, one who smokes or drinks, or a disease.

Animal magnetism must be treated. A student came to Mrs. Eddy, because after a week her patient wasn’t well. Mrs. Eddy said your patient is well, but you need to treat the belief that your Christian Science treatment is not effective. The result was that her patient was completely healed. This practical guidance is so helpful.

I loved the lesson of one of Mrs. Eddy’s students when summoned to treat a man who told her He did not believe in God. “You will when you are healed.” Two days later he asked for a Bible, then asked to say grace at dinner, and then went to his church. The minister had been trying for 20 years to get him there. He asked the woman who had healed him to join him in preaching.

What would I want all the world to know, including my family, fellow Christian Scientists, and those who don’t know it: Christian Science is the Comforter, that its Founder is showing the way of Life, Truth, and Love. That unselfed Love will take the cause of Christian Science through this century, that bearing a cross is possible, and not to be afraid of the world’s uneasiness with trusting God with all in life. In WKMBE II many analogies given by Mrs. Eddy rang true to me. As a hiker, most recently up the 15,232 foot Salkantay pass in Peru, even if the hike up the mountain is hard and your feet bleed, each step takes you higher and you do finally reach the summit, if you persevere and lean on God.

How did I feel when reading the accounts from WKMBE II just like I was there, facing the storm, sitting in her class, learning the lessons she was teaching, standing in the hall, sitting down to dinner, climbing the steps to the windmill, going out to heal others, going to The Mother Church for the first time, loving Mrs. Eddy, and wanting to carry Christian Science forward to everyone.