“Mrs. Eddy is STILL leading”

I have been “listening” as I read the reminiscences of contributors such as Mary E. Easton, who recounts how in January, 1902, Mrs. Eddy said to her, “You do not heal the sick; it is your faith that heals.  In treating patients, do not repeat words over and over, as it has the effect of morphine, soothing syrup, or mesmerism.  Christian Science treatment is prayer, but we do not plead with God to do what He has already done, but know His work is finished and man is His perfect idea. ‘You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free’” (see John 8:32). (We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Vol. II p. 337)

I am applying such directives to neighbors, friends (long-established or new!), and relatives who have often asked me how one heals through prayer … alone.

I am realizing the paramount importance of staying focused, when it comes to the “doing;” of handling distractions, which would have me procrastinate or “drift” – mentally, activity-wise.

As far as Mrs. Eddy still being the Leader of the Christian Science movement, I for one trust her original intentions are safe-guarded, watched over, “listened to” carefully.  Especially when it comes to such rules, regulations as were established in the Church Manual.  Often at church business meetings, or specially called meetings, when we come to discuss, for example, just what “type” of Reading Room we are wanting to provide in our community, a couple of members have read from their copy of the Church Manual, from those articles which best pertained to the discussion at hand.  This is a perfect example of how Mrs. Eddy is STILL leading…guiding us at the branch church level.