“the movement’s absolute dependence on healing…”

In response to reading We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Volume II, Expanded Edition

Ideas to pass along:
     It was so obvious that Mrs. Eddy expected people who had gone through class instruction to become “public” practitioners immediately – if not sooner.

     That self-sacrifice was prerequisite for really understanding Christian Science, as well as for healing.

     The urgency of sharing Christian Science through healing if the movement is to grow and to continue.

Impressions while reading the book:
     Reading Science and Health, by Mrs. Eddy, has a new dimension.  It feels more presently alive, here and now.

     I was moved by the glimpses of Mrs. Eddy’s daily, hourly, moment-by-moment working things out, and her ceaseless listening.

     We must grow and strive to give up whatever hindrance to obedient practice is uncovered in our own thought.

     In other words really follow our Leader.
The world needs it. Our Church needs it.

There are many passages that I have marked, and that I continue to work with. They include dealing with animal magnetism and defending oneself and the movement; the movement’s absolute dependence on healing for its continuance and development; getting self out of the way, or glimpsing more clearly what true identity is and is not; and, the importance of love, appreciation, patience, and forgiveness within the Church membership.