“It has given me a more understanding heart."

Reading the second volume of We Knew Mary Baker Eddy was very inspiring.  You gave us the assignment, “Finding our transparency for Spirit.”  It has given me a more understanding heart.  Also, it made me think about my love for Christian Science and how I could share Christian Science with others.  I have had several experiences recently where I was able to share Christian Science.

A young woman who I have hired to periodically clean my condominium has asked many questions.  She has become interested in Christian Science.  One day she had a bad cold and told me she had tried to use some of the ideas that we had shared.  It seemed right to give her a copy of Science and Health, by Mrs. Eddy, which she willingly accepted.  This has all come about gradually.  Recently, I invited her to a Christian Science lecture, but she already had plans for that day.  However, she said she would like to attend a lecture if there is another one.

Another neighbor questioned me and said she had a feeling I was religious.  I certainly don’t go around advertising my religion.  I ended up giving her a Christian Science Journal.

My answer to the assignment question, “What would I like to pass along to fellow Christian Scientists or family members and even those who know little of Christian Science?” is as follows.  To love is so important.  Have more faith in God – talk with Him and express love.  Mary Baker Eddy said, “God knows your thought better than you are able to express it, and He answers the desire of the heart.” (p. 29)

I have enjoyed reading the second volume of We Knew Mary Baker Eddy.  Presently, I am reading it again.  I gained so much from reading the chapters about Adam Dickey and William Rathvon.  I learned so much more about watching.  This was very important to Mrs. Eddy and the “early workers.”  In order to handle animal magnetism and destroy it we have to keep our watch.  This work will help the Cause of Christian Science.  The early workers learned how to keep their watch or they could not stay in Mrs. Eddy’s household.  Mrs. Eddy said, “Our Cause will perish if we do not handle animal magnetism.  You have all the power to conquer this lie of mesmerism.”  Also, I learned that controlling the weather is not for Christian Scientists to do.  God controls the weather.  God’s weather is always right.  In addition, there were some thoughts on age that were very enlightening and important.  Here are a few that helped me: We do not grow old.  All is eternal now.  There is no too late or too soon with God.  There is no age, no youth.  Man is as old as God.  Realize this and we will never grow old.