“That made my heart sing!”

Early one morning around 4 am I woke with a terrible headache accompanied by vomiting.  I could not even think of a prayerful thought so I woke my husband for help. He lovingly read the Bible Lesson to me (without a grumble at being woken) and I tried to focus but continued to be very uncomfortable.  Once done we both lay quietly praying. One simple thought came to me:  there is only God and His reflection, man.  Nothing else.  I kept thinking about this from different directions, till I knew that there was no room for anything else.  I fell asleep, and woke an hour later, almost completely free.  I got up, went to work and my usual activity, and did not have the problem any more.

Assignment and what both vol. I and vol. II of We Knew Mary Baker Eddy books mean to me:
I was reading Laura Sargent’s “Priceless Lessons.”  At one point I put it down.   I thought I would skip the chapter.  It seemed too demanding and from another time.  But I always had the idea that being in Mrs. Eddy’s house was rigorous.  I went back to it again.  I read where Mrs. Eddy said that when she healed “she did not use an argument, for that perpetuated the lie, but she just knew that God was All and let that mind truth shine right through her, and that did the work.” (WKMBE vol. I, p.111)  That made my heart sing! That was the simplicity, the Allness, we feel when we have a healing, and the transparency for healing that is in the references this year.  I got it.  That is what happened with the headache.  I had become that transparency by getting out of the way. My goal is now to more consistently feel that Allness and be a transparency for God’s healing power.