“a bit more room for God and it can only get much better!”

I read We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, vol. II over a long period of time.  While reading, I put in post-it markers when struck or instructed by a statement. 

A statement that made me smile was “Do not depend too much upon your understanding, but let your upper-standing hold you.”  (p. 545) That is a cool one to think about.  Also, “Do not handle the individual, but know the nothingness of the claim.”  This helps me to know the liar and his words amount to naught.

There is emphasis on unselfing and getting out of the way.  Mrs. Eddy said, “You must love more to help me.  To love more, you must get rid of more self.  The unselfed love is only what helps.”  She also said (I love this) “I am different from other mortals in many respects, one of them being that I more frequently get out of God’s way.”  Way too often I think I have to control or do things for them to be done right.  I realize that I need to leave a bit more room for God and it can only get much better!  I am making big progress in dropping self-righteousness and trusting and appreciating others.  God is the best guide for everyone.  And She is right here, so listen and let Her do the work.  Just follow and rejoice.

The lie of forgetfulness has sometimes tried to attach itself to me.  So very reassuring is Mrs. Eddy’s advice to Adelaide Still.  “Ada, know, ‘Divine love thinks my thoughts and I cannot forget.”  And also, “Know, Divine Love is all, and because it is all, I cannot be robbed of my love nor be made to forget.” (p. 486)

One of my favorite aspects of Mrs. Eddy is her sense of humor.  I always knew about it but was glad to see, “A sense of humor is a great aid to a Christian Scientist.”  (p. 535) Hooray!

What also really spoke to me was from Clara Shannon: “One thing that out Leader taught me was always to give God the glory, and whatever I undertook to do, I was to say, ‘With God’s help I will do so and so,’ and to know that the good that I would do, I do, and the evil that I would not do, I could not be made to do.” (p. 209)  That advice is tailor made for me.  And I shall know there is nothing stopping me from taking it and putting it on and wearing it every season.