“I was struck by the WORK ethic by everyone in her household staff”

Reading We Knew Mary Baker Eddy vol. II for the first time, I was struck by the WORK ethic given by everyone in her household staff.  Emma Estes’s reminiscent “Our daily faithfulness to its teachings must prove our sincerity” (p. 106) sums up the need to watch what we are accepting as true on a moment-to-moment basis. 

Another thought that stood out was Lida Fitzpatrick’s, “You do not have to delve into matter, the body, to know how things are; Spirit shows us all things as they are.”  And along a similar line, Anna White Baker recalls Mrs. Eddy’s instruction to “put physical ailments in the mental…and do not fear the physical.” (p. 316)

I also thought that the advice to “read and silently correct all periodicals helps to improve them and is our duty” was something we can all practice in regard to church work in general - to SILENTLY correct in our own thought whatever needs adjustment!  And yes, to just LOVE more!