“indelible impressions and inspiration from the book”

What other Association members have already shared tracked much of how reading We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, vol. ll affected me and awakened a very dormant state of mind.  True confessions of the dark mesmerism and unrelenting and at times intolerable pain of well over two years won’t be specified.  But how I longed for spiritual strength each moment while assuming the outward appearance of “normalcy” to third parties albeit declining countless activities, working from my home as much as possible and handling many meetings via teleconferences. Enough said!

A highlighted overview of some of the indelible impressions and inspiration from the book absent quotes/attributions hopefully combine in my response to the two assignment questions: 

-Live LOVE! Just be present in Love at all times under all circumstances.
That motivated a needed mental launch! 

-Science is PURE.  Don’t adulterate it in thought or speech.  Including testimonies.  Retain and protect its PURITY and accordingly one’s own (no reaction, anger, disdain whether about a simple litterer or media’s raw news and graphic depictions).  See HIS presence everywhere. 
A greater calm has resulted. 

-WEATHER (I call it “whether”)  Need we get caught up in the maelstrom of storms, tornadoes and hurricanes?  It’s thought manifested not God’s all presence.  Follow Mrs. Eddy’s example and feel, see the face of Love. Protection of friends who sought my prayers this week about devastating flooding was recent proof that “…the storm may roar…but God is round about me…” (Hymn 148)  They and their home were safe.

-PATIENCE. How beautifully loving and patient was our Leader with her followers, her detractors, the ridicule, the hate, the poverty, the ignorance, the medical know-it-alls and the world. Why?  Because she knew reality. 
Progress on my end. 

-UNWAVERING. Mrs. Eddy was focused “on the mark” and whatever the physical or mental challenge (and wow she had them…death, illness, divorce, separation from her child and family, scorn, homelessness, vicious threats on her life and work, litigation), she remained grounded and focused on the Cause whose purpose was to save mankind.
Our holy purpose indeed. 

-FEARLESSNESS. Need I say more. The example of MBE and the early workers to forge ahead no matter the obstacle inspires.  That inspired my prayers dealing with the sleepless nights and chronic pain I was experiencing.

-OBEDIENCE. My goodness how obedient to God’s leading she was! And the early workers in her household were so obedient to her impersonal directions, admonitions and teaching. Such examples help me and all. OBEY THE DIRECTIONS GIVEN IN SCIENCE AND HEALTH; it HEALS!
I became more obedient. 

-GRATITUDE. Always thanking God, divine Love and Life.  The book showed our Leader’s constant gratitude to God and the mutual gratitude between her and her workers.  They were so grateful for Mother and supported her in the little deeds (sewing, carrying her to avoid the gawkers, flowers, tidying, food prep) and the big jobs as watchers or secretary or starting a new church as a new practitioner in a big city far, far away.  
More gratitude throughout the day for even small gestures has brought forth fruit.

-PROTECTION AGAINST ANIMAL MAGNETISM. A/M is truly nothing but MBE was clear with her workers and in Science and Health that it must be handled or it can be mesmerizing and handle you.  She suffered severely to tackle that chapter in the textbook. But she suffered for us and we need to take it seriously.  Daily vigilance and proper scientific protective metaphysics is essential for healing.
I’ve improved there. : )

-SHOW ME THE HEALING!!!  Words without deeds were not to be tolerated.  That hasn’t changed.  Our Leader said repeatedly that it is only by healing that this Science is demonstrated.  Christian Science will not survive without healing!  I took this to heart through both readings of WKMBE vol. ll.  Tears well up as I write that the assignment has “SHOWN ME THE HEALING.”  The dark fear and black hole preventing painless physical and progressive mental movement has dispersed.  Ere dawns the light!!  A new day and better everything.

In law there’s a term “to pierce the corporate veil” in an effort to get directly to the officers of the corporation and hold them personally accountable without the corporate protection.  It is very difficult to accomplish.  Through Science and with the all power of Love divine, we can “pierce the material veil” and get to the true controller and power behind the universe who is willingly accountable.  That is our God, our Life, our Love and the pure Principle controlling the universe.  That is Reality!!
I’ve had but a glimpse of reality and it’s an awesome and humbling experience.

-NO REVERSAL. That is a law our Leader said to know. CS healings CANNOT be reversed but are a permanent proof of God’s ever presence. He/She is our creator.

Did I love the assignment? You bet I did! Did I gain something new from the reading and learn from the faithful workers? I’d say for sure!  Do I love and appreciate our dear Leader and her life of devoted sacrifice to show us how to follow the example of our master?  Yes, yes, now more than ever.  Was this brief as I intended? No, but…it just flowed.