“The minute I got it I started to work with it.”

I just wanted to share some lovely news—fruitage from that assignment. A challenging few months practice-wise.  The minute I got it, I started to work with it.  I had a patient who had called with symptoms of a heart attack the night before.  There had been improvement during the night, but working with that assignment, especially Ret 60 and 61, helped so much.  The patient called several hours later saying “Oh, no more symptoms!”  Also a hip problem—not mentioned before—gone too!

Then I got a call from someone else, a family member who had been raised in Science, but had meandered. Her ex-spouse just diagnosed with cancer.  She called to ask how to pray and work about it in Science. Shared one or two simple truths and emailed several testimonies. Neither she and her daughters nor I could pray for the individual—since he hadn’t asked, but they faithfully prayed to see him only as God saw him—whole and free—everytime they thought of him, and I worked too.  Friday, they drove him to the first medical treatment for the diagnosed cancer.  Something made the physicians look again before the treatment. No cancer anymore, no treatment needed.  The family members called from the hospital really excited.  They acknowledged it was God who did it and nothing else!

This is Christian Science!