July 2013

Testimonies are a witness to God’s realness. They’re written out of thanks and tremendous gratitude for the experience of God’s healing care.  Writers tell honestly of their relief, their joy, and, most important, of the spiritual realities learned in unforgettable ways.  They share encouragement for all of us who are walking the path Christ Jesus originally marked out.  And they speak from the heart to newcomers.  They do more to advance the Cause of Christian Science, as Mrs. Eddy knew they must, than anything else can.

In this space, we’ll bring to your attention some excerpts from testimonies in the past that deserve a second look.  We’ll indicate the issue date of the periodical, the page number and name so you can read the testimony by downloading it in its entirety from “JSH Online” or in the bound volumes of your nearest Reading Room.

 The first excerpt is from the August 5th, 1950 Sentinel, Mrs. Pleven Baden, pp. 1365-66 :

“My oldest daughter, when a child of six months, had asthma, and I was told she must outgrow this condition, which would take at least fourteen years.  .  . Also I had undergone an operation for tumors years before and was told that they had returned.”

Well, you know those conditions had to have been healed or the testimony wouldn’t be appearing in the Christian Science Sentinel.  But check out the time frame for eachone of these healings.

And another, from the November 18th, 1950 Sentinel, Winifred D. Taylor, pp. 2026-27:

A woman in London England, was suffering from a form of nervousness so severe she believed she might harm her children and then take her own life.  A Christian Scientist reached out to her.  Was it the Sentinel or a church service that began the healing change of thought?

The final excerpt is also from the November 18th, 1950 Sentinel, Miss Emily Wildermuth, pp. 2030-31:

“I should like to express my gratitude for a healing of heart disease from which I suffered for many years and which kept me in bed for months at a time.  I had the services of the best specialist in New York, but to no avail.”

How long are you thinking this healing took?