A not-so-small case of moral healing

Last week there was a small case of moral healing. A friend and co-worker had witnessed thievery among our soldiers, but was being asked to sign his name to indicate there was no wrongdoing.

One of our soldiers had been sent to jail for over a year, and we had to pack up all of his personal belongings. These included an expensive video game system, its components, and other valuable possessions. My friend was being asked to declare that these high dollar items had never been in the soldier’s room so other soldiers could steal them and get away with it. Recently my friend himself had lost several important personal items to thievery and knew this was wrong. I was grateful to have such an honest co-worker.

He asked me what he should do. I wanted to give him advice, but remembered that Christian Science practitioners don’t humanly outline results. I let him know that God was bigger than this problem, and that everything would work out. I told him that I wasn’t going to tell him what to do, but God would tell him, and he would know what was right.

Soon he decided to talk to the highest-ranking member of the group involved. The next day I found out that almost everything that had been taken from the imprisoned soldier had been returned.

God is so powerful. I’m grateful we don’t have to decide personally what’s right or wrong for others, but can trust God to show us the answer.