Loving and healing grandparents with the truth of Love

Thank you very much for the Association assignment. I was grateful to read it and felt inspired with purpose to heal. I wanted to share an experience I had with my grandparents, just prior to receiving the assignment. It seems closely in line with the assignment.

I talk to my grandparents on occasion by phone, as we live in different states. I started to feel that I should call them, and it turned out that my grandfather had recently fallen several times and my grandmother was not well either. 

My grandparents are not Christian Scientists and do not know that I study Christian Science. As I spoke to my grandfather, I could feel that he was reaching out for support. I began to tell him that God is Love and that he is the image of Love. My grandfather then asked me, “What is Love?” He listened in agreement to what I shared about God as Love and His unconditional love for all. He also listened to citations from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures about God as Love. He seemed receptive and welcomed what he was hearing.

The next day my grandmother ended up in the hospital. When I spoke to her on the phone, she also seemed open to hearing about God as Love and about His constant care for her. We discussed many ideas about her being the image of Love and having dominion over her experience. Later that day she was feeling stronger and ended up leaving the hospital.

I sent each of them little notes reminding them that God is Love and that they are His image and likeness and are in His constant care. I just heard that they received the notes and are grateful for them.

I am grateful that they seem interested in hearing more about God and His Love, and look forward to sharing more with them in this way. 

I look forward to more opportunities for healing.