“It feels like the spirit of Association all year long”

I have been coming to the office for twenty years.  It may be to work for myself, for others who have asked for help, for the Association, or church, or issues in the world.  Whether it was to read testimonies or articles in the bound volumes or current periodicals, or the addresses, I have always felt that the atmosphere was peaceful, uplifting and one of mutual support. It feels like the spirit of Association all year long.

I remember one time in particular when a friend who was very depressed had asked me to pray for her, which I did. While in the office the following day I received a call that she had tried to commit suicide, but had been found by the fire department in the garage where she was sitting with the car engine going. (It turns out that there were holes in the garage so that her suicide attempt was unsuccessful.) There was a practitioner in the office that day. While I don’t remember the conversation, I remember the feeling of being very supported as I continued to pray and support my friend as she moved back to full capacity and health. It’s just one instance of the “mutual aid society” that IS Association. (My, p. 155)