“As I began to see myself as God made me, my sight was literally perfected.”

Here is a testimony about healing through the public practice.

I was working for someone about certain issues she had, and kept bringing thought back to God’s control and her complete identity as God’s child. Those issues cleared up, but then the following “bonus” was reported:

“I just dropped off a cheque in your mailbox. I had meant to drop it off earlier, but left it on the kitchen table…

“Just a quick aside: On the last day we were working together, I went to put on my glasses and get ready for work. After putting on my glasses, I realized that I couldn’t see very well with them on, because my vision was perfect without them. As I began to see myself as God made me, my sight was literally perfected. Blessings. I just wanted to pass that along to you.”

My hands are “without blemish”

I am very grateful for a recent healing I have had. My hands were covered in unsightly warts. I prayed to see myself as the perfect image of God, always embraced in His all-enfolding Love.

As I looked away from the lie of the physical evidence and joyously saw more of God and His great love for me as the perfect expression of His being, complete healing has come. My hands are “without blemish.”

God is so good, and my heart overflows with gratitude for His constant care.

“The dentist prodded and x-rayed, but found nothing.”

For quite a while, my husband had swollen gums and pain in his tooth, and then a couple of nights of fever. He decided seriously to do his own work. He read the collections of articles you sent us. He felt things had improved.

He asked me to get an appointment with the dentist. When I did, I just said that my husband needed to be checked…no gory details.

When my husband went in, the dentist prodded and x-rayed, but found nothing. Rather cool, non?

My husband felt pretty good about it all. So did I.

“The healing was so quick I was actually a little shocked.”

I’d like to share a healing I had recently that was significant for me in a number of ways.

A couple of weeks ago, I found one of my hips very painful. One day it was painful but manageable, and the next day I had trouble walking and attending to the things I needed to do, including my job. My thought was flooded with fear and sudden recollections of the stories of all the people I knew who had had hip problems; one of them about my age had ended up having a hip replacement.

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“A quick healing of what appeared to be a threatening physical condition”

I’m happy to share a recent demonstration—a quick healing of what appeared to be a threatening physical condition. One Saturday afternoon I was preparing to teach a Sunday School class, when I suddenly began experiencing internal pain behind my lower ribs on the right side of my torso. I continued the spiritual work I had been doing, but shifted my focus from Sunday School prep to treating this claim. Part of my work included the following: “There is no lapse from the God-established harmony of being. I don’t need to get rid of a material condition or return to a state of health. I have forever been and will forever be the radiantly whole reflection of Soul.”
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“I learnt about the operation of divine Principle, while the medics believed they were observing man.”

I’m sincerely grateful to God for the example of Jesus Christ and the teachings of Christian Science and how practical they are in our daily life. I’m grateful for the practitioners who are tirelessly holding on to Truth and serving as a beacon of light for the Christian Science community.

I would like to share a recent experience that further reinforces my understanding of the efficacy of Christian Science treatment. At the end of July this year, I began to have headaches, loss of appetite, and weakness.

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