Teachers of Christian Science will find it advisable to band together their students into Associations…
— Retrospection & Introspection by Mary Baker Eddy, p. 85

Associations of students make a strong contribution to the dynamic difference of outlook that is characteristic of Christian Science. They help emphasize that the core of genuine religion is a living, active relationship to God and ongoing spiritual growth, which is expressed in practical spiritual healing for others as well as for themselves.

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Class instruction

Classes of up to 30 pupils are held once each year at varying times by teachers of Christian Science throughout the world. Each teacher is a Christian Science practitioner who has received Normal Class instruction and certification from the Christian Science Board of Education. Teachers do not solicit or advertise for pupils, but they are glad to answer questions from anyone interested in applying for class. The names of Christian Science teachers (followed by the initials C.S.B.) can be found in The Christian Science Journal under the listing of practitioners and teachers, or online in The Christian Science Journal Directory. Allison W. Phinney's teacher profile can be found here.

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