“I read and read from that little screen for almost an hour”

I recently had an experience where the website for our Association brought me healing. Late in the evening after the light had been shut off for bed, I found myself tossing and turning. I recall feeling anxious and somewhat sad about some perceived coldness and non-communication from my family.

I went to the website on my iPhone, the rest of the bedroom being dark. I’m not an infrequent visitor to the website, but this night I began reading through the archives of the “New Fruitage” section, something I hadn’t done before.

I read and read from that little screen for almost an hour, quietly but assuredly feeling more safe and beloved. The archived accounts were like old friends—ones that had brought healing in the past and others I had read before and perhaps forgotten, but seeing new details. (I even found one I had written!) In the midst of the reading, I no longer felt the sadness about family. Instead, there was uplift and a quiet calm.

The next morning while reading the Bible Lesson, I found a line about baptism in one of the surrounding passages. I recalled Mrs. Eddy’s definition of baptism in the textbook and turned to it: “submergence in Spirit.” I thought, yes, that is what I felt from the website the night before—being submerged in Spirit. I really loved that.

“Putting all selfishness out of your thought, like thinking you have been wronged”

Last week I was reading a few of the articles in the “New Fruitage” section of the website and came to “Corporate Mentality Overcome.” What that Association member accomplished is so, so impressive and difficult from an exclusively human standpoint. It shows how the work of Christian Science is amazingly natural when we stick to it.

She quoted something Mrs. Eddy told Laura Sargent about putting “all selfishness out of your thought, such as thinking you have been wronged.” I read the whole quote again and again and used it in something similar outside of work that’s been going on for eight months. With a phone call recently, the whole seeming problem disappeared. Apparently there never really was a problem. The thought in the quote spun my vacillating thinking around, locked it on these truths, and then I made contact with the right tone. We’re on the same track again.