God says take care of my family and I'll take care of yours.

I wrote this to a friend whose husband feels he needs her near right now.


"A few days ago I was on my way to the Department of Motor Vehicles for updating license and registration. I realized that God's time isn't divided amongst all His children. You get a micro second and Sally gets a micro second. When all those micro seconds are used up then God has no more to give. NO, no, no! God gives each of us His undivided, infinite attention. I knew there would be no wait in line and business hours would not run out. It went quickly and smoothly and graciously. The last person I had to see on the next day (return visit with my proof of residency) seemed to have an attitude and I could have been justified feeling disturbed about it. I had been reading Henry Drummond's, 'The Greatest Thing in the World' so I had the tools to handle it. I looked her right in the eye and saw her beauty. Then I told her, 'I want you to know I really appreciate that you are here today helping me.' She was able to thank me. She took my picture (best license pic ever) then my money and we ended that transaction probably uplifted a bit. I know I was.

Just like God, as His reflection, our micro seconds don't run out and we can truly be in the moment when and where the need is without taking away from others to whom we minister. We have God-given strength to give our fullest expression of Love to everyone God brings us. Remember He also brings us us."