Assignment letter 2019

March 8, 2019

Dear Association members and guests,

Did you realize that Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures cites 881 Bible verses or partial quotations from Scripture? And many of these verses or partial quotes are also used more than once, Even a casual reader can’t help concluding that Mary Baker Eddy loved and valued the Bible!

But these multitudinous Scriptural quotations are about much more than loving and valuing the Bible. Mrs. Eddy said that the Bible was her only textbook and also that it is the spiritual perception of Scripture which lifts humanity.

That’s why our study assignment this year is designed to open our eyes to the very great significance of the Bible in our individual lives and in the strength of our Cause today.

One of the sections of our Association address this year will take up this assignment, and we’ll be having a floor discussion, so please be ready to contribute and to answer questions. This will be an integral part of our Association day.

That’s why we’re sending the Association assignment ahead to you at this point. And now is a good time to dig in, since you will have the Association topic letter and all the study references to work with just a few weeks from now.

With love,

Allison W. Phinney, C.S.B.