March 23, 2018

Dear People,

Just how new is that "breaking news" that’s been pouring in on our iPhones and laptops? It certainly gets our attention and for many of us ends up holding it for far longer than is worthwhile. If it's about weather, the news makes every effort to make it exciting, whether it's an inch of snow or a couple feet. In the US some of you will remember that engaging term for an explosive storm that got our attention for a while – bombogenesis. But if it's about storms, fires, bombings, war, murder, terrorism, and yes, politics too, it tends to be just one aspect of human experience that repeats itself over and over – the alarming and shocking and negative.


We'll have a floor session at Association in which we discuss the question "What's really new?" 

Your assignment this year is to be ready to participate by asking yourself and answering some simple questions:

  1. What are some of the typical old and repetitive things in human life that get reported as news? Anything that you're seeing and hearing in the news that actually feels new?
  2. Would you say that the Science of Christianity is new? Tell us what's new about it.
  3. Share with us how Christian Science is bringing newness of life, new energies, new healing to you, your family, your patients, your church.

Here you’ll find the study references for our Association meeting. I'm especially grateful this year to have been able to get these to you, (even if a bit delayed), because as always they are the very basis and substance of what we'll be talking about on Saturday, April 28.

I can guarantee that the focus and the work you put into preparation for Association makes all the difference in the inspiration and light you'll be taking away from Association. And you can plan to revisit the references during the year. They'll yield even deeper meaning after the address, and they are designed to feed you spiritually all year long.

You'll be hearing a lot about the Bible in these references. It's not news that Mrs. Eddy uniquely trusted in and loved the Bible. But what is less well understood is that Mrs. Eddy found the Science of the Bible. It was through the Bible that she learned there were practical, spiritual laws underlying biblical accounts of deliverance from overwhelming odds, or guidance out of slavery or of healings of sickness and sin. She saw that this Christ, Truth, hasn't changed. She knew that it is still here with us now. She promised that we, too – as surely as the disciples seeing the risen Christ in that glorious morning light on the shore of the Sea of Galilee – get lifted up into a wondrous newness of life in Spirit, God.

With deepest affection,

Allison W. Phinney, C.S.B.

P.S. Please send along your fruitage, as you know it makes a powerful contribution to our day together. And it's never too late to send it. We'll accept it right up to and through Association day!