What the office means to me

I want to tell you a little more about how much it has meant for me to be able to go to the office every Saturday. It is an amazing privilege. It started a few months ago when my wife was not able to drive and so I took her in and stayed a while. It continues even though she doesn’t need me to drive because I love it so much.

The study I’ve been able to do for the hour and a half to two hours that I’m able to stay has been an anchor to continuing to grow in my clear view of creation/Life. I started reading the addresses from the first year I attended the association. I believe I’m in the 4th address of my years in attendance. So, you can see that I’m reading them very slowly, giving myself plenty of time to consider what I’m reading and apply it to my current experience. I leave each Saturday with the idea to continue to consider and grow.

This consistent time at the office is the most meaningful of my present Church experience. I want you to know what a blessing this and my entire connection to the association is.