From members and guests:

Thank you so much for the post-Association 2011 fruitage posted on our Association website.

As I read your email informing us about the newly posted fruitage, I was struck by your sentence encouraging us to check our website often. I realised that, apart from the weeks leading up to our Association meeting, I more often than not check our website only when I get an email informing us of new additions.

Today, as I read the new items posted, I realised what an invaluable and ready resource our website is, providing clarity and insight. Not only does it assure us that healing is going on, but it also provides us with ideas that bring healing. In addition, it gives me a warm sense of unity with my Association family.

I am realising how mortal mind would attempt to prevent or limit the good that the website affords, and I am grateful that that mesmeric suggestion is broken. I am seeing it for what it is—a powerless suggestion without any authority.

So with your nudge, I am going forward to check our website more often, re-read the ever-new truths expressed, spend some time in the archives, enjoy being in touch with family, touch base with home.

I am deeply grateful for our Association website, and would like to thank you for reminding us not to take good for granted.

Moji Solanke

Thanks for these!  The completeness of these testimonies is striking. They are inspiring as I’m working out some things of my own.  But after reading these, I’m looking forward to sending in my own testimony of complete healing.

Scott White

Thank you once again! Our Association website is feeding the multitudes and satisfying the famished affections.

I love one of the quotes from this morning’s Christian Science radio program: “And Hezekiah rejoiced, and all the people, that God had prepared the people: for the thing was done suddenly” (II Chronicles 29:36).

Darian Scott

Thank you so much for the cornucopia of demonstrations and healings. It was such a refreshment to read them—such an inspiration and groundswell that says, “Yes it is happening,” such a support and encouragement for more.

Eda Roth