My example of newness of related to this morning at sunrise


I have been attending your association meeting for four years now and am very grateful for the inspiration of the meetings. Thank you for including guests!!

My example of newness of life, new energies, is related to this view from my living room window one morning at sunrise. There were three people that I was supporting with prayer. All three had called with three different forms of what they called heart problems. I had been praying to acknowledge what the great heart of divine Love, Life and Truth knew and knows about heart. When I saw this sunrise I was so strongly aware of just one heart of Love beating in the perfect rhythm of perfect Mind that I understood a little more clearly one heart of the universe functioning perfectly, not physical but supremely, spiritually, infinitely present governing the universe flawlessly. All the individuals called with healing and freedom from the symptoms and a form of mortal sense of disorder within.

One woman was totally free from irregular heart rhythms that she had had for over twenty years. She just has not felt sensations from her heart since that day to have to give it any thought at all. This freedom has been acknowledged for over ten years.

This sunrise also spoke symbolically to me by clarifying the fact that the reflection is not the source of the action going on. There is one source of all the beauty in this moment of sunrise and that is the effect of the light. Man as the reflection, of God, and gets all from the one source, God. Man is not responsible for health, harmony, proper functioning. Man is one with the source, as reflection. This concept held to and resulted in what was thought to be lost car keys found. What appeared to be broken foot, healed. This individual was able to take a two-week walking tour of some cities in Italy with painless freedom and dominion.

I am grateful for every article you ever wrote because they have led me to think more Godlike thoughts. As step by step. we are all awaking from sleep in false beliefs and seeing the glory of the Christ on the shore telling us to feed His sheep!

This was a new day!

An Association-mate was reminding me that we were in your 3rd class. I feel like we are starting over again!!!!! or starting “anew”!!!!

The whole idea of what we are about is bigger, wider, – 'the wide horizon’s grander view.’ Over the past year, in my study I have glimpsed the idea that spiritual sense is inherent in everyone. It’s a given. And that CS and healing is everywhere, because it is the action of the law of omnipresent God.

I love what you said about our Cause. My granddaughter is in college and has just accepted an internship with Planned Parenthood. She sees it totally as a cause and is ‘on fire’ about it –committed, eager to work for it, can’t wait to get on the phone bank, or canvas the neighborhood, or lobby her legislators. When you talked about the Cause, I thought about my granddaughter and her eagerness, – she is so delighted and grateful to be a part of it and to work for it. After today, I’m thinking of our Cause that is ‘moving’ as you say, and I welcome the idea of learning to pray and work for the Cause with a zeal that my granddaughter would understand –the pure and spontaneous joy of working for a common good, – which in our case is the healing of the nations!!  Just looked up “zeal” in SH Glossary: “The reflected animation of Life, Truth, and Love.”  That’s a good place to start [in having this new view of our Church as a Cause].

It was an absolute healing to be in my place today. For many days, and up to the few hours before I left for the airport, mortal mind seemed [because of illness and weakness] to repeatedly say I should call and say I couldn’t come. [Instead] Science brought me here, – and I am well. 

One church friend came by the house the night before I left and said, “You are packing your strength with you. That’s what you are taking with you. You are not going to get, but to give.” That helped to break the mesmerism. I saw that everyone was bringing the strength of our love for God, for CS, for the Manual, for the Association. On the airplane ride, I read the lesson very slowly making every word my own. It took the whole five-hour flight. I never looked at the clock. When I finished the Lesson, we were descending into Boston. It was new to me, with a deep conviction of Truth. The sickness was completely gone.