Hotel information


Cover letter for hotel mailing

July 15, 2016

Dear Association members and guests,

As you know, in recent years we’ve experienced increasingly high hotel rates for Association weekend.  In 2016 we moved our Association date back one month to give out-of-town members more hotel options, including outside Boston-proper locations (our best rates).  Local members stepped up beautifully to help their fellow members with transportation from these outlying hotels, including airport runs.  It was marvelous to see members (and guests) helping one another and working together to make it possible to attend Association.

We have put together the hotel information below to help in a similar way for Association, March 25, 2017 at the Hynes Convention Center, in Boston.  This year, information comes as a Hotel Chart (three pages) and includes a Guide (one page) to help navigate the simple chart, and provide important reservation details. You can also download all information here as a PDF.

Please note the BA has more rooms available for our March weekend – no current waiting list!  Call soon to make a reservation (see p. 2 on Hotel Chart, Brookline).

Don’t think it’s too early to make your hotel reservations.  Rates will only go up, so it’s best to make your reservation soon!  Please be in touch at anytime if I can help with any questions. 

With love,

Screenshots of each chart are below. Click on a thumbnail to view full size.

1. Most accessible to hynes

2. Most accessible by public transportation

3.  Most economical: transportation by local member or own car



Important – The chart is divided into three sections based on accessibility to Hynes and rate:

  1. Most accessible to Hynes
  2. Most accessible from public transportation
  3. Most economical: transportation by local member or own car 

Reservation links:

  • Website links to reserve a room found under “Reservation Info”.  Links are shortened (i.e. and, if referencing the charts embedded below, you must TYPE IN the link to your browser; otherwise you can click on links directly from the PDF version.
  • Outside Boston-proper locations: 
    • Cambridge, new to hotel list, offers affordable rates and good public transportation options.  Harvard bus route (#1) is an excellent choice with direct stop at Hynes.  Red Line subway also available (see p. 2)
    • Brookline, Newton, Quincy, and Waltham (pp. 2-3) offer less TAX (11.7%) on rooms than the city!  A Cambridge B&B offers no additional tax on top of listed rate (p. 2)
  • Italicized info within the chart is unique to the hotel, including member comments from 2016.

Reservation details:

  • Use “Phinney Association” to access the block rate
  • Cut-off dates listed for each hotel, but only ten rooms per block, so book now!
  • B&Bs offer limited availability so book ASAP!
  • Restaurant/food options available onsite for each hotel/B&B or in walking distance 


  • An AirBnB option may be available for a larger group (sleeps 4-5).  Contact Bree at Association office for more info (office: 617-421-9061, cell: 617-780-1530, email: