March 6, 2019

Dear People, 

Thanks very much for your patience during past months, and your multitudinous kind notes and messages about my recent “retirement” and change of location. This change and all the details related to it caused a gap in our practice of sharing fruitage from Association members and guests continually throughout the year. Be assured, though, there’s been no gap in regard to the fruitage flowing in! 

We’re posting today ten quite wonderful accounts of healing and spiritual progress. I know some of these items are long, but I’ve let them stand because I feel they’re so vitally important and have so much to say to us at this time. At various points in the history of our movement, the mental, and also the outward opposition of a materialistic society towards Christian Science, has been so stirred it became more visible and obvious than usual. This is one of those times. 

It’s as though mortal mind woke up and was surprised to find that Christian Science was still here! It then set to work more aggressively, with arguments insisting that Christian Science no longer heals, even if it might have appeared to in the past. Well, the Cause of Christian Science is not only still here but it is being energized and renewed wherever Christian Scientists are diligently looking to their own foundations – to that new universe (or cosmos) of Spirit and divine Love as revealed to Mary Baker Eddy. I think you’ll be especially interested to read of some of the spiritual persistence and metaphysical work that your fellow Association members are doing, and hearing about the healing it has led to. 

We’re also including in the posting one other item because it remains so timely in regard to much of what we’re seeing and hearing of the news in 2019. You remember that last year’s assignment consisted of three questions about the news and what’s really new. One of the responses to those questions by a member of the Association was especially relevant and helpful in regard to the news of disunity, lying, conflict, and hatred now pouring through US newspapers, magazines, broadcasting and podcasting, and social media around the globe in these first months of 2019. That’s why we’ve included this particular response under the heading Assignment Response.

Remember, however, that you will be receiving very soon a brand new assignment and information about the topic of this year’s Association. As always we’ll be sharing your new fruitage and responses during Association day on Saturday, April 27, so please start writing now if we haven’t heard from you. 

With deepest affection and appreciation, 

Allison W. Phinney, C.S.B.