But you have the 'mind of Christ’

I should have let you know this right away.  When I had my appointment with you after Association, I let you know that I felt like I was losing my mind.  You responded (with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen), “But you have the 'mind of Christ'.” It was an instantaneous healing and has continued.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing God unfold the solutions to some very scary legal and financial matters step by step.  He saved me from buying a condo that would not have been the right one and directed me to the one that I did buy that was ever so much better.  I couldn’t fathom how the complicated knot-ball of my experience could ever be disentangled, but of course God was at the helm.  I always felt His presence following the recent passing of my husband. I thank God every morning for being such a good Husband. 

At the probate hearing I was told I was not responsible for paying my husband's  $230k hospital bill.  My real estate agent was led to speak with an investor that was able to offer us enough (to satisfy probate) for our house that we were forced to sell.  My son is receiving so much support from friends, family, and work as his transgender experience and a new sense of womanhood unfolds.  He has legally become a woman now.  My stepson and I have living arrangements together and we are communicating more easily now. And there are times when I really feel my estranged stepdaughter in my heart.  That feels good.

I was just promoted to Assistant Director of Christian Science Nursing Education. It feels so good to be coming back into the Light, but it feels even better to know that I never left it.  The dark is not real.  There is no dark. 

 Thank you for meeting me with divine Love, which instantaneously heals.

Great progress in my church work

This seems like a good time to share with you the great progress I've experienced in my church work this year. It's certainly been a newness of spirit, and I'm so grateful.

In April I took the job as manager of our Reading Room. This is the second time I've done this, and the first time was not happy at all. I felt unsupported, criticized and resigned. I did the best I knew how, as did others, I know. But this time, my own growth had me embracing it with pure devotion, courage, energy, love. And the Board members, especially my Board contact, were 100% supportive, encouraging, prayerful.

There was a period, soon after taking over, after the murder of the RR librarian in Ottawa, when I was frightened by being in the Reading Room alone. As were others. But... that faded. I can hardly remember that struggle. 

Feeling God's guiding influence so much, I also saw my troubled sense about dealing with six large window spaces to care for, blossom into a real delight in the newness and beauty of them and their effectiveness. The board gave me a monthly advertising budget, and a lively and creative woman joined the – and it's been a joy. 

New ideas on staffing, and how to have 'no-longer-than-30-minute-conference-call meetings' every 3 months has been appreciated, and there's a deepening spirituality, I think. Our hours have increased by 63%, including one evening (6 days a week, 6 hours a day and 8 hours on Thursday).  While I'm there 3 days a week, there are 15 others who are coming in for 3 hour shifts at least once a month, and some once a week. It seems like a wonderful way to have continuity, as well as wider participation. One woman, who recently joined and had signed up to work once a week, is so busy with her CS practice that she could not come in last week. Her husband, who is a deep CSt, but had not yet felt impelled to join the branch, came in for her shift. He was so inspired by his afternoon in the RR that he took out a membership application the next day at church.  

Our congregation is in the process of selling our edifice (we are not selling our church!) and there's a wide and quiet sense about what our resources are (it is so much more than money) and where we want to be directing our resources... and it's not bricks and mortar. 

I am so grateful for the generous spirit of Spirit that has sustained me and impels me and reassures me.  

Holding to the idea of omnipresent good

Over the years, I have enjoyed learning particular aspects of history. Within the past year, I had an experience that really was a turning point in my thinking. I was out of town hundreds of miles from home to attend a historical commemoration event. As I arrived in the hotel parking lot of the destination city, my car was involved in a collision (and ended up being totaled). This trouble threatened the entire schedule of events that I had come to attend. I tenaciously held to the fact that only good could go on in God’s kingdom, not accepting the material sense picture, which was very discouraging.

As I went forward, holding to the idea of omnipresent good, I was able to secure transportation to attend the events that I needed to for the first night. When I returned to my hotel room, I studied a page from a periodical article I had brought along. In the article, the author relates the story of a funeral for a sailor. The author then describes how drastically the atmosphere would change if the sailor suddenly walked in. The writer's point was that the Christ is a living presence, a presence at hand, not needing to be memorialized. I realized that this was very applicable to my current situation. I didn’t need to be memorializing a historic situation. I needed to be seeing more of the living Christ, which is always at hand.

Someone who introduced themselves to me at the first night’s event offered me transportation to events on the second day.  The manager of the hotel provided a free night at the hotel. New opportunities were opened up through the individual who offered me transportation. I was able to secure transportation back home.

Finding the actual universe of Truth

Way back in June I sent you a quick email to tell you that I was following through on a statement you made at Association about reading Science and Health to find the actual universe of Truth.  The effect of that search was apparent long before I finished.  My thought is undergoing a real and powerful transformation.

 I have no idea how many times Mrs. Eddy used the phrase “Christ, Truth,” but it would be hard to miss the fact that she equated the two.  What my reading of Science and Health and my praying to understand what I was reading made clear to me was that my goal is to actually be Christ.  The consciousness of Christ, the awareness of Christ, knowing that God’s perfect idea exists out there somewhere, isn’t sufficient.  All those are still outside of me, things I know but that aren’t who I am.  When I am the perfect idea, then I’m in the actual universe of Truth, then I am being the Christ.  What I have realized recently is that I am actually getting so much better at being in that universe.

 If I smile at a squirrel running across the lawn, I consciously thank God for the simple joy of that moment.  If I look around any room in our house with pleasure (now that the renovations are complete!), I consciously thank God for leading us to this house/neighborhood/town.  And then there’s our local branch church, which we joined a few months ago.  It has been such a blessing for us.  The love and energy are palpable.  There are no inactive members – everyone takes part in supporting the church, Church, and Christian Science.  I’m really seeing the universe of Truth right now in my life.

Listening and desiring to do God’s work…

The unfolding of my experience over the last two years has been a real testament to how listening and desiring to do God's work can save us in the most trying times. My apologies for all detail but I think it's needed to help make the key point of this testimony.

In April of 2017, I agreed to take a new position at a Christian Science nursing facility.  This new position seemed like a good fit, and, after accepting it my wife was offered employment there as well. 

But as the months passed, the job became very demanding.  I was fired from my job in January of 2018.  The worst part was that none of the reasons offered seemed fair or accurate.

 A few days after my release, two CS friends in different locations suggested that I apply for a Reading Room Librarian position. So I did, and interviewed well with them, and a board member called me and told me that the job was mine. But I politely thanked them after turning it down. I had learned that there was a requirement that the Librarian would agree to serve for three years.  Interesting l, a few days later, the same board member called and asked if I would be willing to serve in the Reading Room a few days a week, which I willingly accepted.

The experience of having worked there is something I could never regret! Introducing so many new people to Christian Science was quite a joy. One Christian Scientist, who was a regular visitor, became quite a wonderful friend. Also, I got along very well with the new head librarian and we worked on many projects together. One of the other blessings from having worked there was quite unexpected. The train ride to and from the Reading Room was about an hour long. On the evening ride home, I began texting my eldest daughter, with whom I had something of a strained relationship for many years. During this time, we reconnected and have subsequently restored our relationship, both of us having a loving, mutual respect for one another.

I was being contacted about doing Christian Science nursing in a home setting. Several opportunities opened up, and so my wife and I spent the summer traveling, nursing at various facilities. The home cases I went on helped me to feel confident that Christian Science nursing had certainly been a calling for me. Serious thought was given to continue doing only home cases.

During this time, I began to pray about the idea of home. A city name and state came during prayer, and I had never heard of this city before! So, faithfully I made arrangements to travel there. After spending time there, and in the area, my wife and I met so many faithful Christian Scientists who were making a real difference not only in their branch churches but also in their communities. This seemed to be the lesson in having traveled there, to see how our presence and our example heals more than simply improving or making changes in our churches.

Finally, after a three-week stint of temp nursing in yet another area, the Director of a nursing facility offered both of us positions, my wife as Director of Christian Science nursing and myself as the new Administrative Services Manager.

All of this came through reliance on prayer and on nothing and no one else. More than anything, my feeling is that this came more from a desire to serve our Cause than from any personal sense of what we wanted to do or where we wanted to live. Both of us have so much gratitude for what God has shown us through this very trying time, with two children still in college, and another one getting a life started for himself in another city. This, along with welcoming two grandsons into the family over the last year, being what a real estate agent declared as 'homeless' and yet supporting our beloved branch church during a very trying time for them, have all brought growth in grace and a willingness to embrace what has come forward but not cave in to personal desires, aspirations or whims (which can seem difficult to not do sometimes). 

God's loving guidance has brought us through some unusual and trying experiences but has also offered us much spiritual growth. 

Another wonderful lesson I've learned recently is how to trust our own prayers and God in any given situation. There has been much resolution of problems in my day-to-day experience by both trusting God and trusting our prayers are being answered. 

Several weeks ago, our car was vandalized not long after we had moved into a new apartment. Taking the car to the local dealership, and then to the police, I learned that about two dozen cars had been targeted in our city the night before. The service advisor said he'd be in touch after our insurance company came out to assess the damages.

At the end of the next day, he called to ask whether we had filed the claim, as the adjuster from the same company had been there about another customer's car, but not ours. The other car was already being repaired, as our car sat idle. I became quite upset about this, but later had a revelation about how this wasn't on some standardized human timeline, but was really on God's time. The work would be done as I trusted Mind's governance of the entire situation. 

On the third day, I felt led to call the insurance company. The next day I felt led to once again be in touch with them. Later that day, the service advisor called to say that the adjuster had come out and approved the repairs. A representative from our insurance company called to say the work would be started immediately and that we could pick up a rental car for the weekend. 

I spent the weekend being grateful for all of the human steps working out harmoniously. A week had now elapsed, but the work was completed and all was done seamlessly by all parties, and I thanked God for getting this done His way, on His time. All I was to do was witness the constant good going on in my experience and to trust God with the details.

This trusting God with the details of everything going on in daily life has been not only eye opening but the new way to live life. Placing the needed trust in God brings about the right results and helps us to see healing in everything around us. I'm so very grateful for this opportunity to witness more of God's sweet control in my experience. 

All these experiences over the past two years have helped me see that whether we are Journal-listed practitioners or not, we all have an active practice of Christian Science that goes on daily and is unimpeded by anything we think or believe is going on, because it is God that is governing our lives!

A pretty meaningful healing

Recently, I had a pretty meaningful healing of a problem that had been going on for a prolonged amount of time. Over the years I had amassed quite the collection of underarm deodorants. I felt like I had tried everything to keep my body odor under control – from clinical strength to every “natural” form I could try. Eventually I found a ‘do-it-yourself’ recipe, made from common household ingredients and this seemed to be the answer to everything I was looking for! I used this for over a year until I seemed to have a painful reaction, which caused me to cease its usage as well.

I was back to trying the store bought brands and reapplying throughout the day. Then all of sudden, one day, the angel thought came to me, “You know you don’t have to be afraid all the time.” Now, it’s commonly accepted that if you are under stress, pressure, fear or angry situations that this is either the source or a magnification of this kind of issue. So, what this angel message was telling me was that I didn’t have to be afraid, consciously or subconsciously – and that the claim was that I was.

Well, I loved this spiritual message, and I accepted it with, “OK God, that makes sense. I don’t have to be afraid!” and from what I can tell, it all just fell away. I have been able to use a mild deodorant with complete “effectiveness” since then. At first I wasn’t sure but after 2 weeks went by (and now many months), I am more and more convinced that this healing is real.  No other experience I've had could explain the sustained freedom I am now having. I've participated in sports and very hot outdoor events without any of the past severity of the issue. But mostly, I’m not tensely afraid like I was in the past – and I didn’t even know that I was so afraid. It just shows us that God knows and heals us without our always having to figure it all out. When our heart is ready to turn, God turns us and wipes out the impersonal fear.

The issue seemed to come back at one point, and so I prayed again specifically. A lot of things began happening and I ended up relocating and taking a new job. Since arriving in my new home, I have been entirely freed from this problem. The lack of stress, and general sense of happiness about my life has lifted this old burden of self-condemnation and self-consciousness. In addition, I guess I’ve learned that this issue was a clue for me to look out for false idols and check my thought and make sure that God-good is my God and not something inferior.

“Don't get off the bike” and “The baseball player”

A purer desire, a relinquishment of self, an inner [divine] command to participate more in church (branch and TMC), serving in whatever capacity Mind points toward, has steadily opened a “readiness to will, so that there may be a performance also out of that which ye have.” – (II Cor. 8: 11) Here are a couple examples of recent fruitage from endeavoring to discern Christ, Truth anew… and also to live and walk in the Spirit:

* * *

One day the eldest son of a member of our church, a CS nurse, came to our RR. He had just been fired from his job – unjustly so, he felt. Subsequently, he couldn’t afford the rent of his apartment and had to let it go. His physical health was not great. His discouragement grew worse, for in previous years he got caught up in the craze of seeking identity, pride and position through the culture of tattoos – he was covered with them. 

So, now he had a “gang” look (though he said he wasn’t part of one) and was afraid no one would want to ever hire him again. “The job I lost was perfect. They trusted me. I did good!” Not long before all this, he had contemplated suicide, even made an attempt in an earlier similar predicament. Half-heartedly he’d tried to get into Science but it just didn’t connect for him. 

I felt an innocence about the young man. He was earnest and honest. Though he appeared to be in a tough situation, he was open with me, trusting and sincerely seeking for help. While listening to his story I was also listening to divine Mind. 

I asked him a simple question: When was the last time you felt free? – happy, unburdened by dilemma. It didn’t take him a moment. One day, just a couple weeks earlier, he and his younger brother rode bikes together down to the coastline. His face brightened, big smile. He said it was the most fun he’d had in ages. They had a blast...all day. In that minute I could see the weights were gone, his sullenness vanished. He was free right then. Just telling me about it. 

Seeing this I said, Okay! Here’s the idea: Don’t Get Off The Bike! 

For a second he looked puzzled. I explained, Stay on the bike, man! Don’t get off that wave-length of joy, freedom, innocence and hope, – which quite clearly gave him a sense of renewed strength. Strength and liberation within the goodness he experienced: the love and gratitude for the beautiful day, being with his brother, expressing vitality and life! – not saddled with all the woes of the (supposed) grim realities, but being revitalized and conscious of his true nature. 

That IS your true nature, I said! Stay there. Don’t come back down to frustration and failure. (What I was trying to convey was similar to Mrs. Eddy said to Joseph Mann after his amazing healing – “go not back into the house,” i.e., don’t return to the mainstreams of mortal presumption). 

For a moment, he began to sink, but then he grabbed it – the spiritual idea of perpetual goodness, joy, worthiness, ability, faith. That’s the bike, the vehicle, the thought we hold to – always. Hymn 148 says it all: “Nothing changes here.” God has made you perfect. Express that perfection under all circumstances. Never get off the bike! Just then there was confidence. He saw it. Freedom. He saw the Truth. He grasped it right then and there. And that was the healing.

He’s never relinquished that true sense – his true image and likeness! He’d never really lost it in the first place. In our brief but delightful visit, he realized, instantly, he could trust that divine concept and put it to work in meeting every adverse situation as its innocent and confident and joyous master. He was discovering in that moment that his forward-thinking, true nature and being had nothing to do with what had gone before. His prospects for life did not come from material history but were entirely based on spiritual development. 

Since then, I’m told he studies regularly the SH and the weekly Bible lesson. He does it every day. He’s got a new job. He prays. He’s moving into his own place. Life is better than ever. He’s grateful and truly content. His Mom is understandably tranquil and peaceful with joy and gratitude. 

He occasionally makes it over to our church for a service or a chat. But he’s never gotten off the bike. He knows that ride will go on forever!

* * *

A young man took a fall while on a skiing trip. He was taken to a doctor. X-rays showed his collarbone was broken. They suggested six to eight weeks minimum were required for recovery. His parents felt a second opinion might be needed. A specialist took x-rays and confirmed a broken collarbone and forecast at least ten weeks before he could do anything painlessly with his upper body. 

The young man’s mother was a student of C.S. She worried that he wouldn’t be receptive to her treatment and called for help. She warned me that he’d grown resistant to regularly studying Science and talking with practitioners was not “his thing.” She also told me he was a baseball player. It was something he absolutely loved to do. Part of the sadness gripping the young man and his parents was that he was in the final semester of his senior year, the season was beginning soon and this would probably be the last chance he had to play competitively the game he loved. Opening Day was scheduled five days out from the initial call to the practitioner. 

A message came to me as to how to begin, how to break the ice: Well, anything I’m getting that’s good or helpful or effective is coming from God. So, I don’t need to get caught up in the resistance to C.S. murmurs or others’ opinions. I decided to text the boy.

Note: Lots of texting going on these days in my practice – conveying spiritual ideas by way of this provision. When, at first, I was approached via text for practitioner help, healing ideas and general communiqués I didn’t think texting would cut it. But, I didn’t allow that to negate a potential avenue for God to be the communicator! I’ve found ways, along with daily phone visits, for texting to be an effective reminder of thoughts we’ve gone over that the patient appreciates and can immediately put to use. So, for me, I’ve found a way to utilize it. 

The young man responded right away to my introducing myself via text and we got on the phone and got on with the work beautifully. We started by knowing man is spiritual, dismissing the idea of accident, overriding physique or physical/corporeal sense as a reliable measure of health, and (most vitally) we discussed not evaluating our progress by way of how the body was responding to treatment! The true measure is how we’re thinking! How are we mentally progressing to understand our freedom from anything that could oppose the man of God’s making? 

MBE states clearly: “Observe mind instead of body, lest aught unfit for development enter thought. Think less of material conditions and more of spiritual.” – (SH 419: 16) 

Now, this is where it gets interesting. This guy was so obedient and receptive to the Truth that it kept reminding me of the story of Jesus and the centurion. He conveyed a trust, an unwavering faith, a conviction so youthfully pure that when we discussed a line from the textbook (like the soldier or the servant under authority) he would just do it. We could trust divine Mind to perform the necessary adjustments (mental surgery) in order to discern his true freedom. Soon he texted me that he slept perfectly, with no pain.

Well, the simple parlaying of a healing idea each day resulted in terrific progress. Day after day he naturally and effortlessly put the Science of the Christ to work. Just bang, bang, and there was immediate progress. It was beautiful to witness. 

One thing we had to watch and hold in check was not to allow human will or untempered zeal to impress upon him prematurely for a longed-for return to the baseball field. He took the meat of the matter and ate it up. Dismissed any human eagerness to “get back out there.” He refused to allow human desire, time, game schedules or the melodramatic headline that this was the last chance he’d ever have to play organized baseball again. Ridiculous! We said. We’re not going to allow any of that to interrupt God’s unfolding of His plan and purpose. 

My young patient just got it!

Like every other aspect of his wonderful receptivity, he simply obeyed that directive. Just as the centurion had assured Christ Jesus: “I say to this man, Go, and he goeth; and to another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it.” – (Matt. 8: 9) I honestly felt what Jesus said in reply: “Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel.” 

Now, for the results. Opening Day had been rained out. It was postponed for about a week. His team had a few away games before returning home. I worked for ten days with this impressive young guy. By the time we signed off he said he felt great, mentally free and was not about to outline any opportunity to return to his rightful place starting in right field (you see, he was already in his rightful field!). And that was it… for me. He continued along the lines of that first day’s spiritual directive: holding his thought in line (aligned with) unselfed love and being open to God’s directing of his hope and experience. 

A week later his mother called to say he had started in his position on Opening Day, had two hits and stole a base! Two days after that, his team played the perennial state champions (a team they’d never beaten in the school’s history) and he knocked in three runs, had a triple and they won 12–7. What’s more is he was able to attend the prom that coming weekend and danced freely and merrily. On top of that he attended that week’s testimony meeting and shared his healing. 

The mother also mentioned that two of her next-door neighbors (Christians of another denomination) were aware and praying in their own way about the situation and were mightily impressed when they heard the news and how apparently Christian Science prayer and healing actually works! They’d heard about it but never actually had a firsthand account of what’s possible. 

But, hold on. There crept in a problem around this kind of fervor that was building and being expressed. I had not immediately identified it as a thing to be watchful (sober and vigilant) over once it began. When the news came in of this healing I certainly felt gratitude and a sense of wonder at divine Mind’s power to heal. However, I received a couple of calls from other people who had witnessed and heard of this healing and I began to feel a strange concern about the elation going on about it. Words like “amazing” and “incredible” seemed a bit much, especially coming from other CS’ers, and, honestly, I started to fear for the boy’s ability to maintain an impersonal sense of freedom from all the hubbub. The beliefs of the seeming severity of the injury I had dismissed from the outset were trying to gain entry into my thinking. I definitely had to handle concern about the belief of a chance of relapse or re-injury, even though I’d stopped working for him.

I called a friend, a colleague in the practice, and she mentioned what Christ Jesus had asked of those who had witnessed one of his healings “… he charged them that they should tell no man:…” (Mark 7:36). I realized other instances when MBE felt a momentary return of symptoms after people in her house reacted in disbelief that she was suddenly well. 

I learned something more of the tendency of mortal “tear or triumph” attempting to harm or distort what simply was a natural occurrence, a return to normalcy, a healing. But the healing WAS complete. No reversals!! And the young man texted me just a few days ago to say how grateful he was for what he learned of the power of C.S. to reliably take care of every human need. 

I’ll always fondly remember the young man I came to think of as “the young centurion.” 

It was moving to read a letter from the mom of the baseball player healed of a broken collarbone. She wrote: “We...appreciate your patient, relatable metaphysics as this was his first time working with a practitioner by himself. It was truly a watershed moment that he will ponder and revisit throughout college and adulthood.” 

Christian Science is something I feel so humbled by as new dimensions of its infinite capacities dawn almost daily in my heart and mind. “Each successive stage of experience unfolds new views of divine goodness and love.”

March on...

As has been brought out, the news seems bigger and louder than ever. However there have been a couple of occasions where I learned something specific from the news that I needed to know to help me with a seemingly personal experience.

The first instance that comes to my remembrance was that of a strange foot issue that seemed to arise out of “nowhere.” I began having serious pain in one foot one day while on a business trip in downtown San Francisco. I was very engaged in my work, on my feet and walking around throughout the two-day event but this issue began after no seeming material cause and just was a pain that made no sense at all to me.

I later learned, when I left the event to run an evening errand, that that day was the Women’s Day March. I had been holed up working all day, but the rest of the world outside had been extremely riled up and loud and vocal during this March. It suddenly clicked in my thought that I had to take a stand against all the anger and violent words of the March. I had to take a side – but the side I was on was God’s and not a human side. I wanted to stand on the side of equality, but I refused to stand with the self-righteous anger and the insulting nature that pervaded what I saw of the March and its participants. This active refusal to stand with error, and stand for Truth and with God healed the foot that night. I later learned that a friend of mine experienced a very similar strange foot issue the same day after being in the city, but without Christian Science to handle it, it took her a few days to return to normal.

This case was an example to me of how outside current events do impact our experience, and how being aware can help us target our prayer specifically and effectively. This also brings to mind this paragraph from “Taking Offense,” which reminds us that part of our task in uplifting the race (and our own experience) is not to be a part of “the ceaseless action and reaction upon each other of these different atoms.”

“We should remember that the world is wide; that there are a thousand million different human wills, opinions, ambitions, tastes, and loves; that each person has a different history, constitution, culture, character, from all the rest; that human life is the work, the play, the ceaseless action and reaction upon each other of these different atoms. Then, we should go forth into life with the smallest expectations, but with the largest patience; with a keen relish for and appreciation of everything beautiful, great, and good, but with a temper so genial that the friction of the world shall not wear upon our sensibilities; with an equanimity so settled that no passing breath nor accidental disturbance shall agitate or ruffle it; with a charity broad enough to cover the whole world’s evil, and sweet enough to neutralize what is bitter in it, — determined not to be offended when no wrong is meant, nor even when it is, unless the offense be against God.” (Mis. 224:11)

Animal Magnetism...

Another instance was during the time when North Korea and the United States were having a war of words, and we as an Association were asked to pray specifically about it, I had a healing related to this piece of news. The articles popped up on my phone multiple times a day, and I prayed over them. However, there was a mounting fear in my thought that was not being handled. A number of my close friends were on the West Coast and I was becoming increasingly afraid because of their proximity to the offending country. It was a selfish fear, I guess because of all the people on the West Coast, but error was getting at me through a seemingly personal fear rather than a general one.

Anyway, I was visiting with family that weekend and had a headache that was growing increasingly debilitating. By the evening all I could do was cry in pain, and finally the fears that were non-verbalized came out for the first time. My family recognized the animal magnetism of the suggestion right away and began caring for me with Christian Science. Within a few hours I fell into a peaceful sleep and awoke the next day in perfect health. The next day, my family forgot entirely that I had been ill and we had a really lovely day together. I remembered though, because where I had felt a sinking fear about my friends, I now felt secure and like the empty, hopelessness was filled. Those fears did not return, and my continuing prayers on the topic were probably more effective because this underlying fear was finally handled.

One branch church and one year's list of testimonies

Just wanted to let you know that for the last year I have been making a note of testimonies given in my branch church in London. I haven’t been to every Wednesday meeting, but the major part of them.

Every now and then I give members an update of some of the testimonies that they have given to remind them that healings are happening in the movement.

Yesterday I read out a list (not complete by any means) of testimonies that were given over the last 12 months. I thought you would like to see them too. Some are old (people telling of a healing they had had as a child, etc.) and some are from visitors, but most are from members of our church (not large).


  • Someone healed in minutes after a serious fall down the stairs

  • Long sightedness healed

  • Cold symptoms healed

  • Worrying and upsetting symptoms healed by listening to Science and Health on the internet

  • Burnt hand from scalding water and sauce healed within hours

  • Persistent severe pains in arm and hand healed over a weekend

  • Headache healed by singing hymns

  • Healed of a fall on the way to an interview

  • Child healed of bad fall at school immediately by her own prayer

  • Teeth cavities and gum disease healed

  • Healing of an internal pain when waking up

  • Older lady given up by doctors healed overnight by a dedicated practitioner. Family members became Christian Scientists because of it.

  • Friend with a skin problem who is not a Scientist. Church member prayed to see his perfection and doctor's verdict was clear and no problem found.

  • Someone with half his side going numb and unable to move or walk. Healed in ten days and the problem never recurred.

  • Lady unable to move a day or so after giving birth. Working with Mrs. Eddy’s hymns healed her.

  • Swelling around the ears and teeth healed. Doctors said she had to have an operation.

  • Knew that there is nothing that can be created outside of Mind. Healed in two or three hours.

  • Child healed of severe ear pain in half an hour.

  • Bad eyesight healed in s few days

  • Back pain and partial paralysis healed to enable someone to go on holiday with large suitcases

  • Pain in the body dissolved after a few days by working with Soul

  • Internal lump healed by feeling God's presence and a spiritual sense of home.

  • Family member rushed to hospital with serious problem. Discharged the next day after CSt knew that God gives us so much good.

  • Painful Growth behind the ear healed by asserting God as divine Principle and man has dominion

  • Malaria healed

  • Second birth harmonious through working with hymns after problematic first birth

  • Hair loss reversed

  • Child testimony – nosebleed

  • Recurrence of migraine healed

  • Recurring body pains over two weeks healed

  • Sore head and ear healed

  • Hay fever symptoms healed

  • Stomach pains healed

  • Painful right arm healed and then painful left arm healed. Both so painful they couldn’t be moved

  • Child’s broken collar bone healed

  • Broken toe healed

  • Painful arm healed overnight when person couldn’t even hold a mug

  • Wrist fracture healed

  • Finger stung by wasp healed in ten minutes and multiple wasp stings healed over 24 hours

  • Age-related knee pains healed after persistent prayerful work

  • Inability to lift up an arm healed

  • Illness from climbing a mountain healed by love of Christ Jesus

  • Undiagnosed disease that rendered the person unable to move regularly, healed after a couple of weeks

  • Man in another branch church having a seizure during a service. Members prayed for him and the readers continued to read. The man was helped home and came back a few weeks later healed of that and of a desire to die which he had had on that day

  • Weariness and throat problems healed through sticking to God’s all power and the passage in Isaiah “they that wait upon the Lord shall mount up on eagles' wings”

  • Severe chest pains healed by constantly declaring the truth of the scientific statement of being.

  • Painful headache healed through truthful identification of self as spiritual

  • Problem with spine healed by holding to passage from "Christian Science Practice"

  • Failing sight healed

  • Worrying dizziness healed in a Sunday service

  • Two serious mouth conditions healed

  • Eight cases of flu healed

  • Eating problem healed when someone forgave

  • Breathing difficulty healed twice


  • Guidance in the Vietnam war that took the platoon away from unknown danger and discovering a cache of weapons, food, and plans to by enemy in attacking their base. Then spiritual guidance to deploy from s different angle which enabled them to defend against an attack from the enemy.

  • Key lost and suddenly found after appealing to Mind

  • Mobile phone problem healed

  • Aggressive man verbally abusing someone. Became quiet and helpful within minutes responding to prayer

  • Fear of giving speech overcome--and it was successful

  • Being sent to India to work spiritualised by knowing she was going to "the land of Christian Science"

  • Someone’s wallet stolen in holiday including visa. Work done while sorting it out made them more patient and seeing man as he really is. Doing this work led to a skin condition cleared up and eyesight improved.

  • Fear at sea in a thunderstorm healed and calm restored to the sea

  • Parents calmed and situation resolved at school in America on lockdown

  • Wartime rescue of someone in he middle of the sea with darkness falling and an icy wind

  • Someone protected on the highway when a wheel fell off

  • Someone healed of a fear of wasps, to the point where wasps became her friends

  • Inharmonious work relationship healed

  • Finding credit card details abroad

  • Man intervened and stopped a couple of men beating each other up. Men stopped as the Cst prayed and spoke, and divine Mind broke the mesmeric hold of hate.

From a prison chaplain

  • Prisoner new to CS prayed about family situation where they had no money and wife was offered a job in a more affordable area