Dear People,  

We’re happy to announce we have a new Administrative Secretary/Treasurer, Jane Shea. Many of you already know her as she’s been helping Janet this past year and she’s been very instrumental in working Association day to make sure things ran smoothly.  She has also overseen the reading of the Addresses before and after Association for the last several years. Jane was in my 1985 class and brings with her a solid metaphysical background.

Janet Peek will be stepping down as Executive Secretary/Treasurer but will be helping Jane transition into her new role over the next few months.

Jane’s email is

Just as a reminder, email regarding fruitage for possible use on the website or on Association day, metaphysical work for Association, questions related to teaching and the Association in general can be addressed directly to me at

Please direct inquiries regarding website access, technical issues related to the website or other questions regarding lodging, attendance, ushering, dues, and logistics, including childcare, to Jane Shea at  

News about Association weekend, 2020 will be sent to you very shortly.

Much love,