Additional information re: updated position at the Association office

February 17, 2018

Dear People,

Thank you again for your quick spiritual rallying to the Association need regarding this transition time until we find more support for the many secretarial/treasurer demands of the Association office.
And thanks so much to those who stretched to fill the immediate need but can’t necessarily continue. Beth Adams already has a demanding full-time job, Pam Phinney has a very busy and active practice, Janet Peek can work only part-time from now to the Association date and Bonnie Dougherty has a full-time job and is expecting a baby on or about Association day! So we’re grateful for everyone who pitched in, but there’s still a need to demonstrate the completeness of God’s supplying.

It looks as though Janet Peek, our valiant former secretary-treasurer for many years, might be able to continue for a while as half-time after Association day (APR 28th). But the others cannot. So please consider the possibility of you, or someone you know, being the right person to learn under Janet’s tutelage and being ready to fill in for her, when she has to be away! We’d like to find someone for this part-time position who might later on advance to the role of full-time Secretary/Treasurer (or Executive Administrator, as was Bree’s title).

Please keep praying actively for our Association during this transition time. You can direct your replies and questions about the office position to Pam ( or to Janet Peek ( Remember the position we’re talking about would require practical skills and it would necessarily mean living in the area. It would be compensated on a part-time basis!

With love and thanks,

Allison W. Phinney, C.S.B.