“The community was already embraced in divine Love”

Thanks for the assignment. So grateful for the responses already shared. After reading them I was almost ready to think that I was still waiting to have something to share. Well, so much for that!

One morning before going to serve in the Reading Room, I was just filled with the assurance that the community there was already embraced in divine Love. I always try to pray about the Reading Room before going to serve, but this time was different. Instead of trying to find and hold onto a profound, unique, and all-encompassing metaphysical statement, a simple glimpse of Love’s universal presence was tangibly with me.

So it was no surprise when, shortly after opening, a dear woman who had not been in before came in. She had not realized that the Reading Room was there because her “access bus” had not turned that way before. We talked some, and she read the Lesson. She has visited us again.

Recently her grown daughter has started coming in with her. They read the Lesson and talk a bit with attendants.

There have also been more first-time visitors since that day.

“I was grateful that I felt free to offer prayers”

This is a long-overdue thank you for this year’s Association assignment and address, and the wonderful sharing from members that took place during the meeting, the lunchtime sessions, and the fruitage you’ve posted on the website. I love the idea of our Association as “banded together to bring down the walls and lift up the spirit of man.” The panelists gave such stirring accounts of how they found or re-discovered Christian Science and what it means to them, and in the lunchtime discussion more experiences were shard. More than ever this year, I started to see that in our Association everyone’s work and love flows together for the same purpose, to glorify God and bring healing to our church, our community, our world. Each member’s growth and insights help the other members, sparking each other into steady flames of love.
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