"...what mortal mind calls contagion is the rise and fall of belief"

Dear People,

We don’t often get requests of this kind, so I thought I would send you the email itself that we received from our dear friend and Association member Mojisola Solanke (1986).  As some of you know, she is a Journal-listed practitioner and also a Committee on Publication for Nigeria.  

As mentioned to Moji in my response to her request for metaphysical support from the Association, what mortal mind calls contagion is the rise and fall of belief, and some plagues of the past have disappeared without medical intervention.  This helps us to see that there truly is no disease, only an aggressive mental suggestion called disease.

Thank you for whatever spiritual support you all can contribute to this need, which is considered the most extensive outbreak of this false belief in Africa.  I know it will make a difference, and that it will bless our Association for having pulled together in doing this work.

With much affection, Skip

P.S. If you are so moved, we will be happy to have your thoughts and work about healing contagion for posting on the website.  

Dear Skip,

I have been working prayerfully regarding what has been termed an ebola virus outbreak, not only in Nigeria, but wherever it seems to be manifesting.

May I request specific metaphysical help for this issue from our Association?

I continue to be grateful that Christ is the only influence in human consciousness, and that Mrs. Eddy proved one and for all, that the Science of Christ is practical.

Warmly, Moji