"…it was the direct result of the pure and uplifting thought of the Association."

I have to tell you about Association Day 2010.  I was deployed to Iraq, attached to an infantry unit, and stationed in one of the “last” Al-Qaeda in Iraq strongholds. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to Association, but was very much aware of the special day.  I remember walking to my office on the base, just over a little bridge that spanned a dry creek bed.  The path was lined with sandbags and barbed wire in case of mortar attack or anyone who tried to breach the perimeter. 

What happened next can only be described in Matthew’s words, “and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him…” (Matt 3:16)  Pardon me for the direct reference to Jesus, but I can’t think of a better way to say it.  It honestly felt like the heavens were opening and my sense was being uplifted and purified.  There was no conscious effort on my part, and later my wife told me the Association had prayed for me that day.  I have no doubt that it was the direct result of the pure and uplifting thought of the Association.

What I remember from that experience is the conviction of harmony—that it is real and it is possible.  I think it also illustrates the tangible power of prayer and right thinking.  I’ve been sitting on this story too long, and wanted to let you know about it.