“This ONLY creator creates his own likeness in ideas and these ideas are infinite.”

1)    I feel that the word “creation” means spiritually all that exists, the All-in-All.

2)    The chapter emphasizes that all things are created spiritually, for “the great I AM made ‘all that was made.’” (SH 267:10-11) Therefore nothing exists that He didn’t make.  There isn’t another creator.  This only creator creates his own likeness in ideas and these ideas are infinite and are constantly developing and unfolding and rising higher and higher from an infinite foundation – so they go on forever.  Now this means that spiritual man has an enlarged capacity of thought, action, and peace, which is what mortal man is striving for.  

3)    Knowing that sin, sickness, and death hasn’t a creator relieves mortal mind of much fear so that he can concentrate on what really is, and work and pray for himself more assured of a perfect result.  

Recently, my neighbor invited me to a birthday dinner.  That afternoon I started having chest pains and thought I couldn’t possibly make it and if I did I certainly couldn’t eat anything.  So, I thought about my kind neighbor and how she was looking forward to this special dinner with her husband, another neighbor and myself for a long time.  I started to rethink what was the truth in this situation – what was really going on.  

I was having a hard time trying to concentrate.  The thought came to me to listen to the article, “God’s Law of Adjustment.”  I half listened to it.  But then came the testimony about the man caught in the bottom of a tanker and how he got himself out by being quiet and listening for God’s direction, which freed him.  The pain started to lessen.  I played Mrs. Eddy’s hymns sung by Kenny Baker (may favorite CD).  The pain was gone.  I got dressed, went to the seven course dinner, and we all had a wonderful time.  Only God’s good creation was going on all the time.